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3-Day Workout

I prefer to train 3 days a week. I was wondering if anyone had any 3-Day programs they’ve had success with?

see helping a pup, I don’t know how long you have been training but it should not matter, it WILL work. if you have a prob. w/doing the whole body each day the split chest/delt/tri then next workout legs/back/bis IT WILL WORK

I’ve had great succes weight training three days a week. I started doing 5x5 on a Mon, Wed, Fri schedule. I did that for 8 weeks. Took a week off and have resumed with Poliquin’s 6x2(4) method. In a few more weeks, I’ll start Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training.

I still weight train Mon, Wed Fri and my particular schedule is as follows. Monday: Deadlifts, seated rows, overhead presses. I do extra lateral raises for higher reps and a few sets at the end of the workout. Wednesday: Weighted chins, close-grip benches, clean pulls. Then I do extra triceps work for higher reps and a few sets. Friday: Front squats alternated with back squats, power cleans, calves and biceps for higher reps.

It's working well for me, as I've been able to increase strength for quite a while. I'm currently dieting to get lean, yet I've still been able to increase strength or at least maintain. I do cardio-type exercises on alternate days (sprinting, mountain biking, in-line skating, etc). I've trained with weights for three, four, five and even six days a week. I've made my best progress on three days. But you must do some other activities on off days. Or you will probably gain weight or lose all aspects of endurance and cardiovascular conditioning.