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3 Day Workout


I just read the article on the 3 day workout-working all your body parts each day. I'm looking to get stronger as well as bigger -is this a good workout for me?




What sort of fucking post is that?

Well it depends, how long have you been training? What is your age? Goals?


Whoa! Chill alstan90! Sorry about not asking the right questions I just answered that one a bit quickly without thinking that?s all. I just looked at the words Bigger and Stronger which this program covers both pretty well, but your right these question should have been asked first :wink:


Well Im 41 and I've been lifting for about 3 years but only seriously for about a year. I've been doing the full body workout for about three weeks now and Its amazing how much stronger I've gotten. But I don't feel like Ive gotten much bigger and Ive been eating like a horse. I rarely lift to failure ande it seems to be working in terms of getting stronger. My goal is to get as big as possible.