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3-day Westside Routine

I have been looking at the Westside routine (as well as a couple of others) and was wondering if anyone had modified the routine to fit into a 3x/week schedule. If so, a breakdown of the routine and your results/experience with the routine would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I haven’t done this, but what if you just used the 4-day cycle, rotating through the week. So, we have days A, B, C, and D normally.

Week 1: A, B, C

Week 2: D, A, B

Week 3: C, D, A

Week 4: B, C, D

Not perfect, but it is a modification I would try if training that style.

Well, Jeremy’s suggestion is exactly what I was going to say. Just rotate through the days as mentioned and if you get some weeks where you get all 4 workouts in then all the better.

You could combine the dynamic squat and dynamic bench day by doing your speed bench and box squats and skipping the supplemental work if you don’t have time and then do the max effort bench day and max effort squat days separately as normal.

Thanks for all the responses. A couple good, valid suggestions.