3 Day/Week Full Body Workout

[quote]dubdevil89 wrote:
Hello all[/quote]
Hello again.

While I’ve got your ear for a second, your two previous threads asked for some peculiar advice. You got that advice, against some of our better judgment, and never bothered to drop back into either to address relevant follow-up questions. That’s bothersome.

[quote]1) What kind of cardio would you guys recommend I do on off days, i.e. Tue, Thur?

However, I wouldn’t know how long is long enough, or what percentage of my max heart rate I should be aiming for.

2) Is it wise to do a small amount of ab work on off days rather than none at all?[/quote]

All of these questions have been answered in articles on the site. A few minutes of searching should bring them up with little difficulty. That’s about all the time I’m investing here.