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3 Day Template, Believe I Got the Principles Correct

Hello Guys, Im just about to come off Starting strength and onto 531 to continue my journey to be awesome-sauce.

Ive read both books passed down from my older brother who swears by them, and i believe i have a solid grasp of jims templates and Assistance. Ive just popped in here to double check with the more experienced of you that i haven’t misunderstood anything so would appreciate anybody having a look that ive done this correct based on jims principles.


Some dynamic work, Jumps and some Foam rolling/Stretching to kick things off.

Squat 5s Pro (after 2 cycles will swap to 531 or 351)
Press 5x5 FSL or SSL

Assistance Pull - A Row - 50 Reps
Assistance Press - CGBP - 50 Reps

Face Pulls - 50 Reps


Warm up as Monday

Dead 5s Pro and a few sets of FSL or SSL (after 2 cycles will swap to 531 or 351)
Bench 5s Pro again some FSL or SSL (after 2 cycles will swap to 531 or 351)

Assistance Pull - Some sort of Pull/Chin Up/inverted - 50 Reps

Curls for the Gurls, Bout 50 reps

Some Ab Work and back extensions


Warm up as Monday

Squat 5x5 FSl or SSL
Press 5s PRO (after 2 cycles will swap to 531 or 351)

Assistance Pull - A Row - 50 Reps
Assistance Press - CGBP or Dip - 50 Reps

Shrugs - 50 Reps

On off days ill use those for some light walking to take the dogs up the mountain to stop getting sore.

I think i have a good understanding of the principles but doesn’t hurt to check with you guys.

Take Care Lads.

Assistance is all wrong.

Dam it, was pretty sure i had it down, could you please elaborate whats wrong so i learn? thank you.

You have the wrong movements. Push/pull/single leg-core. And CGBP is not assistance.

Thank you for personally taking the time to help me, im sure your tired answering noobs all the time. IM sorry i have it wrong, those lifts i seen you use in your book so i assumed i could use them. Could you please advice me how you would do the assistance so i dont injure myself? Sorry for the trouble.

Depending on what program you are doing, you choose from the three categories I listed. The total reps in each category will vary on the program but, in general (and in your case): 50-100 total reps of the three categories for the program you presented. You are leaving out one and many times, doubling up on another.

so each training day:

Single Leg/Core

Thanks for all your help Jim. I have both your books and im looking forward to your new book.

Has your views on assistance lifts changed since your original book? I notice differences regarding assistance between your books and what you say on here. Will your new book help with programming assistance on on your different templates? and a list of your approved assistance lifts?. I notice in your original book for instance you use CGBP a few times and you state it as assistance on your Simplest strength template. I put CGBP in the above routine instead of dip because being new im not strong enough to be doing loads of dips and thought that would be acceptable.

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