3 day split

What’s up all. I need help in changing my training split. I’ve been doing a 4 day split, but for the next 2 months I’m going to be busting my ass with a heavy course load at school and a hectic on-campus recruiting schedule. I need to drop it down to 3 training days/week. I’ve never worked out 3 days per week before, so for all of you who work out this way, please help me out by posting your current splits. I’m thinking Day 1: ham-dominant, horizontal push/pull, traps Day 2: vertical push/pull, biceps Day 3: quad-dominant, calves, triceps, heavy ab work. Thanks all.

The way you set it up is pretty good! I’ve also done something similar when using a three-day-a-week split. Remember to focus on your imbalances. Another split you may want to try is as follows. DAY 1: Hip dominant (hamstrings), horizontal pulling (rows), biceps. DAY 2: Horizontal pushing (bench), vertical pushing (shoulders), triceps. DAY 3: Quad dominant (squats), vertical pulling (chins), traps and calves. This is just one of the many variations you can use.

It’s not that your split won’t work, because it certainly can give good results, but I personally don’t like the vertical vs. horizontal splitting. The upper back
just does not care so much about that
distinction. Your split will still work
OK because training upper back muscles
twice per week is also a valid approach.

For training muscles once per week with
rather little overlap, I am currently

Monday: Triceps, shoulders, chest

Wedneday: Legs, lumbars, abs

Friday: Biceps, upper back.

There is still overlap because rear delts
are worked both Monday and Friday, and
there’s a little back work on Monday due to
the dips, as well as some stabilizing
work with presses. However, it’s less overlap than
with your vertical/horizontal split of
back work. Given my current training goals,
I prefer to minimize such overlap. Your goals might differ though.