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3 Day Split


Would it be effective to have a 3 day split using the layering system? I am planning on getting in to some boxing two or three days a week...


I would think not, and here's why...

1) Layer system only uses one lift per day, so you only have room for one SGHP, one press variation, and one squat/dead variation. Considering most have multiple pulls and multiple presses per week, only being able to do three lifts doesn't seem ideal.

2) Layer system hinges on high frequency and with only three session per week...well you get the picture.

Maybe CT will say something different, but these are the two most striking problems that I immediately see.


Those are the same issues I had with it too... I was thinking he had said I could do 15 min of assistance work and maybe with that I can hit all areas... I figure if it is doable he would know how...


If you look at the newer 3 day cycle layering system you could do that...it's 6 days on one off, 3 on one off though...but you do cycle through your lifts in 3 days