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3 Day Split


I've decided to make working out interesting again and take off some of the possible burnouts... I'm moving to a 3 Day Split Routine.

Years Training: 1.5
Height: 6'1ish...
Weight: 205
Maxes: 245 Bench; 320 Squat; 220 PowerClean-- No deadlift max as I haven't really worked on it, but I'm going to start.

Day 1: Back and Tri's

Pull ups: 3 X Max
BB Upright Row: 3 X 6-8
Seated Row(Machine): 3 X 6-8
Lat Bar Pulldowns: 3 X 6-8
Rope Extensions: 3 X 6-8
Close-Grip Bench: 5 X 5
Weighted Dips/Normal Dips: 2 X Max

Day 2: Chest and Bi's

Bench: 5 X 5
Incline Bench: 3 X 8
Flys(Machine): 3 X 8
Preacher Curls: 3 X 8
BB Curls: 3 X 8
Concentration Curls: 3 X 8

Day 3: Legs and Shoulders
Squat: 5 X 5
Deadlift: 5 X 5
Leg Extensions/Curls: 3 X 8
Calf Raises: 3 X 8
Military Press: 5 X 5
Behind Neck Press: 5 X 5
Barbell Shurgs: 3 X 8

Day 4: Rest

Anything I should change or be aware of? I'm going to be throwing in a little Ab work most likely at the end of each day. Any Excercises that ya'll feel are good but I left out? Also when should I try to fit in Power Cleans? One more thing does anyone know where I could buy a Dip belt?


In your thread last week ( http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/new_guy_workout_routine ), you said:

With that in mind, you might want to ditch the homemade plan and go with Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards 2:
It's three days of lifting and three days of running drills that are, as DeFranco explains, "geared toward football players who are preparing for training camp." I'm sure it'd carryover to your situation. Just a suggestion. Or consider the following...

That look like 75% of most commercial gym lifters' "bodybuilding workouts", not like something a lacrosse player trying to improve his sport needs to be doing right now. First, the set/rep scheme isn't on track. 5x5 is solid, sure, but you could use a little more variety where everything isn't "just" 5x5 or 3x8 (but that really ties into the overall program, split, and weekly frequency).

You're giving your biceps almost as much attention as you're giving your entire legs. That's just nutty. Also, I doubt you're able to push yourself as much as possible on those 5x5 deadlifts right after squatting 5x5, especially if you're just getting back into doing deads. If you're going to do those two lifts in the same session, go heavier/lower rep on one and relatively-lighter/higher rep with the other, and consider alternating which is which each week.

The shoulder workout is wonky, because you're really not gaining much by having two presses in the same workout. The triceps workout is disorganized; I'd choose just one compound exercise and maybe one isolation exercise (same idea with biceps, just one or two exercises necessary).

So yeah, sorry to whiz on your parade, but I don't dig this plan for your current goals.

What happens after day 4, the cycle starts right over? If so, that's kinda crazy and way overboard on the frequency and volume. For now, I'd look to lift three or four days a week, tops.

If "strength and athleticism" are the goal, I'd want to use less of a bodypart split and something more like and upper/lower split to build (cover your eyes, bodybuilders) more functional strength and muscle.

Like what? Weighted ab work? Crunch variations? Anti-rotation work (like Tony Gentilcore and Nick Tumminello have spoken much about)? Just sayin', you wouldn't comment "I'm probably going to throw in a little hamstring work each day." Especially in your sport, the entire core (not just "abs") deserves as much attention as any other muscle.

I'd use power cleans as the first or second exercise on an upper body day (or on what you currently have as either back or shoulder day).

I'd either order one from Elitefts.com or just check your local sporting goods stores. What kind of weight are you doing for dips right now?


I think you're wasting your time Chris. He's basically posting the same thing expecting to get a different response this time. He has changed VERY little and is set on doing things his own way. He's also inconsistent in his goals of building speed/athleticism/strength when he insists on the above homemade "bro-split."


I think you're wasting your time Chris. He's basically posting the same thing expecting to get a different response this time. [/quote]

Sorry if I'm annoying you man, I thought that if I added another type of day into my last workout then it would help out even things out... I'm new at this and was just curious


Thanks for sticking with me Chris. First off, I looked into the Westside for Skinny Bastered's 2 and I'm liking the looks of it. I'm going to start using it Monday. Thanks for the suggestion. For dips right now I'm just doing bodyweight because the gym at my boarding school has no belts that you could add weights to.


Lax, for the dips you dont NEED the belt. If your gym has dumbbells you can put the bell in between your legs right above your knees. Then cross your ankles and keep your lower legs under the bell, and the bell should stay in place while you dip. This works well and you shouldnt have much trouble until you start moving 50+ pounds


Thanks for the tip Lonnie, that's a great idea.


More power to you if you can handle this routine and still make increases in the weight. Seems a bit unbalanced to me, especially since you bench 1.2x bw and squat 1.5x bw. I mean, you have squats, millitary and deads on the same day, doing 5x5. I'm a big fan of Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program. I think its best to concentrate on one type of lift on any given day with some assistance work. Our stats are about the same with respect to bench and squat (your squat may be a bit higher than mine actually) and there is no way I would squat, deadlift and press on the same day. One or two of the lifts would suffer.


That makes sense, somewhat... but I've lowered the workouts a little