3 Day Split Workout Routine

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some valuable information there, thank you very much, however i didn’t find what i was looking for: a 3 day split routine to gain lean muscles (not bulky)
Lean muscle mass, not bulky? OP you know that if it was that easy to get bulky most of the users on Tnation would be muscular 300pound studs after 2 months of training?
I guess you have been brain washed a little bit by the media, especially by flex magazines and Abercrombie commercials.
If you eat, rest and train 100% right you might get a very pleasant looking, muscular 180pound body in a year. So dont worry about getting too bulky. Thats like saying: I want to get rich but I do not wnat to have too much money.
Thus the irritation your post caused here. If you are searching for a 3 day split the best way is too use the “search” function.
Look what I found just by entering the words “3 day split” into the site search:

Mister Henriques even gives you the possibility to train just for strength, with less mass gain. I suggest you read the article and stick with the program.