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3 Day Split with BJJ Training


I'm starting a 3 day split

Mon - Chest/Triceps
Wed - Legs/Shoulders
Fri - Back/Biceps

and T/TH/Sat BJJ training

My goal is to put on some more lean size while still keeping my cardio for BJJ. Right now I have a good cardio threshold so I'm not really concerned with it. I'm just trying to put some lean mass. My goal is just to put another 10 which still allow me to make weight for matches. Due to work and going to school at night i have to do my workouts early in the AM before work.

Any suggestions on how i should approach this?


The only thing I will say is that with that kinds of regimen, you better be eating A LOT.

I used to do 2-3 hours Judo classes 2-3 times a week, while lifting when I Was 19-20 and I was eating 4,000 cals a day.


^That. Also, expect plenty of days where you won't be running on all cylinders. Don't expect to break PRs all the time, and don't expect to grow as fast as a guy who lifts exclusively. Also don't expect to grind out heavy reps every session (especially with leg work) and be 100% on the mat.

Personally, I prefer more of an upper/lower split, alternating them over 3 days. I tend to train hard when I shouldn't, so doing one heavy exercise per session for a bodypart helps in that respect and keeps me in better shape for BJJ.


Maybe i'll look into a Push/Pull/Legs program


5/3/1 two days a week.

Works wonders for me.


Well basically push/pull/lower body split ain't much different from what you already mentioned in the opening post. Choosing what kind of program you should do should be based on your goals. You said you want to gain lean size, but does this mean you want the size for the looks or size and strength to improve your BJJ performance? If its for the looks, then what you are doing might work well, if your recovery can take it I'd rather shoot for training the whole body twice so upper/lower split or 2 whole body sessions with very few exercises and not much isolation work and going to failure, not to even mention dropsets and other special techniques that will leave you sore and beat for the rolling next day. If its for performance, look into what FightingIrish said, without getting a personal trainer who knows his stuff there is a good change that 5/3/1 is going to work better than anything any internet coach can describe you. Training 6 times a week isn't really that much if you got the time to sleep and relax, but judging by schedule you might be lacking that time, so a simplistic approach such as 5/3/1 2 days a week might be just what you are looking for. If you want to grow, not only do you need to train but you also need to eat and recover, once you start training make sure those things are in check and you should be good to go.

Sorry, I just can't keep it short and keep repeating the same stuff over and over :stuck_out_tongue: . Hope you can get a hold of the point anyways.


Like Fistie mentioned, your layout was a push/pull with shoulders on leg day.

I'd say try it out and see if it fits. Just keep in mind that you can't hit bodyparts the way a recreational lifter or bodybuilder does (volume wise, few serious BJJ guys can afford an arm day for instance). Focus on one or two big lifts for a body part, and try not to overdo everything else.

I use the following myself:
BB squat
BB row
Overhead press

Everything else I do is interchangeable and disposable. If I feel like ass, I'll get 1-2 of those big lifts in and get out of the gym. As far as the weights go, all that matters is that I get a little stronger on those lifts every month or so.

Aside from that, I think eating a fuckload is way more important lol.


x2 Last year I did a similar workout (BJJ 3\4 times a week with lifting 3/4 days a week) and I managed to gain 15 lbs while staying pretty lean. Make sure that you eat a lot


same for me, 3 sessions a week and it blows my recovery and performance on the fighting game.


x3 I'm following 531 two days a week with 3 bjj/mma sessions.


It's taken me months to work up to the prescribed amount of assistance work that Wendler suggests, and a lot of times I have to cut it back anyway.

Three days is too much for me though, especially with a job and all.


I don't have a job for now =) so i just train and study. Crap and then i see athletes who work 8 hour jobs, train like mofos and don't complain and i feel like a little chimp.