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3 Day Split. Where to Put Deadlifts?


I recently switched to a 3 day split. A basic push/pull/legs routine with 2 exercise rotations. For example; Push 1 - incline and db bench / Push 2 - Decline and flat barbell.

I have always performed deadlifts on back day but feel that my lower back is never fully recovered to do my next leg workout (usually consisting of squats or fronts squats). I am thinking of performing them on Leg day as a rotation with squats.

Does anybody else here do that or is there a better solution? Thanks in advance,

How many times are you lifting a week? If its 3 times a week, when you could change the order to Legs/Push/Pull, and have the first week’s legs be squats + something, the first week’s back be deadlifts + something, and the next week’s legs be leg press or another non-lower back intesive move. And make sure that week’s pull is something like pull-ups that doesnt put much strain on the back.

So something like this would cover all of your bases:
Monday: Squats + Lunges
Wednesday: Incline Bench + DB Bench (neutral Grip)
Friday: Deadlift + Curl
Monday: Leg Press + Leg Curls
Wednesday: Bench Press + Military Press
Friday:Pull-ups + DB Rows

Do deadlifts on leg days. That’s what I do. Legs and lower back day on same day.

thanks for the info… I forgot to mention that I train sometimes train 3 days a week due to other commitments but ideally try to train 4 days a week.