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3 Day Split Routine Critique


Mon: Chest/Tri's
Flat Bench 3x5
Rope Pushdowns 3x8-10
Incline Bench 3x8-10
Dips 3x Max
Decline Bench 3x8-10
Skullcrushers 3x10
DB Flys 3x12-15
Overhead Extensions 3x12-15

Wed: Back/Bi's
Deadlift 5x5
DB Curl 3x10
W.Grip Pull ups
Hammer Curl 3x10
BB Bent Over Row 3x10
Pulls ups 3x Max
Cable Row 3x12-15
BB curl 3x12-15

Fri: Legs/Shoulders
Squat 5x5
Military Press 5x5
Romanian Deadlift 3x10
Rear Delt flys 3x12-15
Power Cleans 3x5
DB Press 3x10
Overhead Squat 3x8-10
Arnie's 3x10

Too much? Too little? First real go at designing a routine your thoughts will help can only train three days, Three others I train/play rugby league. Also need help with sets/reps think its a little repetative. Thanks.


I think you have too many exercises in there. Pick 2 movements for each bodypart. I don't like the switching between chest/tri and back/bi movements. Your Chest and Back movements are going to suffer. Do all your chest movements then your tricep movements. Same for Back and Bis. You could alternate between Leg and Shoulder movements like you have written.


shoulders and legs might be tough. maybe give legs their own day and put shoulders with chest and shit.

chest/shoulders/tris (you are already doing 8 movements that day anyways)

chest x3 (maybe 2 incline movements to hit shoulders and chest together?)
tris x2 (dips and close grip, to hit chest and tris together)
medial and rear delts


Thanks yeah I had thought that when alternating I'd fatigue fairly quickly on the chest and back days and it would hamper progression so will definitely re think those days. what do you think of a chest/back day then legs/shoulders then bi's/tri's?


You not think going for all 3 muscles on one day will be too much? I thought legs and shoulders wouldn't be too bad as they don't really incorporate each other much in their movements and alternating gives longer rests between exercises for muscles.


I agree with the guys above.

Maybe try something that focuses on movement planes.

Monday: Horizontal push/pull

Wednesday: Lower body

Friday: Vertical push/pull

Work up to a top set and then one back off set and try to beat your top set by reps or weight each week. Give it 9 weeks or so and I think you'll be happy.


I dont know how you train legs but if you are training them hard then i feel like doing a second muscle just isnt feasible.

legs is a brutal day.

another option is a Yates style split (he used more frequency though)



the other thing you have to remember is you are only training 3 days a week. there is no optimal split for that small of a commitment. you have to work with the best you can.


Okay thanks think I should try to get to the gym more often and try and have more frequency


might be a good plan, depending on your goals. going 4 days allows you to split things up a little better. think about it as total time spent in the gym. if it takes you 2 hours to get through your giant workouts 3 times a week, thats 6 hours spent. do 4 days a week, cut down to an hour a session...you get the point.