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3 Day Split - Options


hello. I've been following this split.: Chest/Back - Legs - Shoulders/Arms. Unfortunately my schedule is never the same week to week, so I can never train on the same days. I do however train 4-5 days a week. I feel that I am creating too much overlap and force myself to take an extra day off (even when I have it free). For example: Fri. Shoulders/Arms - Sat. (& sometimes Sun. too) I have to take off because my shoulders and tri's are too sore to train Chest.

It seems like the logical solution is to switch to a Push / Pull / Legs split. Overlap won't be a problem but I'm not sure how to set this up.? I typically do 1-2 movements per bodypart, ramping up to 1 all out set, followed by a second set (heavier or lower depending on that first set) and sometimes will follow up with a drop set (%40).

Any help or opinions on how to set this up wold be appreciated..




Chest/tris or bis
Back/bis or tris

Rotate and take days off as needed.