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3 Day Split, Need Advice

I did an upper lower body split for the last 4-5 months.

Now i’m looking for something else.

I was thinking of a 3 day split i would do 4 days a week.

this is what i have in mind:

Saturday: upper back, traps, rear deltoids, biceps

Sunday: chest, front&side deltoid, triceps,

Tuesday: quads, hams, calves, lower back, abs

wednesday/thursday: upper back, traps, rear deltoids, biceps

But i’m a little lost in picking the right amount of excercices

this is what i came up with

a1) chest, front&side deltoid, triceps,

  • bb bench press
  • cable cross overs
  • military press
  • side raises
  • cgbp
  • tricep extensions

b1) upper back, traps, rear deltoids, biceps

  • pull ups
  • dumbell rows rows
  • barbell shrugs
  • face pulls
  • barbell curl
  • cable hammer curl

c1) quads, hams, calves, lower back, abs

  • (front)squats
  • lunges
  • deadlift
  • leg curls
  • standing calve raises
  • lying leg raises

a2) chest, front&side deltoid, triceps,

  • chest dips
  • cable fly’s
  • Incline bench press
  • side raises
  • cgbp
  • tricep extensions

b2) upper back, traps, rear deltoids, biceps

  • chin ups
  • barbell rows
  • dumbell shrugs
  • rear delt raises
  • barbell curl
  • cable hammer curl

c2) quads, hams, calves, lower back, abs

  • squats
  • godmorning
  • step ups
  • leg curls
  • seatedcalve raises
  • cable crunch raises

the sequence would be:

a1,b1,c1, a2, b2, c2, a1 …

what do you guys think of it ?

this is what i used to do


Military press…4 x 6
Chin ups …4 x 6
Chest dips …3 x 8
dumbell row …3 x 8
close grip bench press… 2 x 12
cable curl…2 x 12


Deadlift…4 x 6
Front squat…3 x 8
Leg curl…3 x 8
Seated calve raises… 2 x 12
Lying leg raises… 2 x 12
Dumbell shrugs…3 x 8


Bench press…4 x 6
Rows…4 x 6
Incline bb Bench…3 x 8
Face pulls…3 x 8
tricep extensions …2 x 12
bb Curls…2 x 12

Squat …4 x 6
Good morning…3 x 8
Lunges…3 x 8
Standing calve raises… 2 x 12
cable crunches… 2 x 12
Cable side raises…3 x 8

Thats a TON of volume!!! Your not gonna make it out if you do that 4x a week!!

Either go back to your upper/lower split, or further divide things up (others may be better at helping you do that than I).

But I have to ask. Did your upper/lower stop producing results? If so, then then theres one of two things. Either switch up the program (like your doing) or just make some tweaks like changing the exercises in your current program. More often than not, the latter is a better option. Once I stall on an exercise (or several)I switch things up and introduce a new motor pattern.

I think thats all you really need to do…switch things up. I could be wrong, but more often than not, thats all you really need to do. No need to completely switch programs. A lot of people, like DCers rotate their exercises with great success!

I wanted to switch things up because i realy wanted to go back to a more bodybuilding workout.

yesterday i did a chest/tri workout for the first time in 5 months and i’m so sore

so i wanted to do a typical 3-4 day split and then after 1-2 months go back to a upper /lower split

but is it realy to much volume ?

in one week i would do 4 of the six workouts listed

i was thinking of doing each exercice 5*10

Here is a link to an article that includes a three day split by Charles Poliquin:

try Thibs ‘how to make a damn good program’ its good for creating new ones


im goin to use it after getting stronger

thanks for the links to the articles

i decided to continue my upper lower body split, i like to hit the muscle 2x times a week and the feeling after training :slight_smile:

but i will use another set and rep scheme

pure strength (53, 44, 35)
strength and size (5
5, 46, 38)
pure size (58, 410, 3*12)

i will do each fase for 3-4 weeks, but now i will start the pure size version because i want more volume for now :slight_smile:

if i want more width in the back i change the dumbell rows in lat pulldowns and if i want more schoulder work i change the incline bench for behind neck press

what do you people think of it ?


Military press…5 x 5
Chin ups …5 x 5
Chest dips …4 x 6
dumbell row …4 x 6
close grip bench press… 3 x 8
cable curl…3 x 8


Deadlift…5 x 5
Front squat…5 x 5
Leg curl…4 x 6
Seated calve raises… 3 x 8
Lying leg raises… 3 x 8
Dumbell shrugs…4 x 6


Bench press…5 x 5
Rows…5 x 5
Incline bb Bench…4 x 6
Face pulls…4 x 6
tricep extensions …3 x 8
bb Curls…3 x 8


Squat …5 x 5
Good morning…4 x 6
Lunges…4 x 6
Standing calve raises… 3 x 8
cable crunches… 3 x 8
Cable side raises…4 x 6