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3 Day Split Advice

Over the past couple months I have been doing the Starting Strength 2 day split program:
A: Back Squat 3x5, Bench 3x5, Deadlift 1x5
B: Back Squat 3x5, Press 3x5, Power Clean 5x3

I was making pretty steady progress until the squat weight got higher and starting fatiguing me for the pulling exercises. Basically, my deadlift stalled due to a tired low back and I injured my wrist during power cleans due to tired legs. I had a physical assessment at the gym before starting the program and was at 5’11" 220 lbs with between 15 and 20% body fat (can’t remember exactly). My fitness goal is to get my body fat to 10% and weigh 220 or less while getting stronger overall, so I am not eating like mad or drinking a gallon of milk per day!

I have just started a new three day split that uses power cleans as a warm up (don’t want to do these while tired again) and separates deadlifts and squats. I tried for 1 leg, 1 upper body push, and 1 upper body pull per day because I thought this seemed like a balanced approach I could make gains on for a while. This is the first program I have made up and I would appreciate any advice/suggestions about the program from an experienced lifter.

New Program:
A: Power Clean 3x3 Warmup, Back Squat 3x5, Bench 3x5, Barbell Row 3x5
B: Power Clean 3x3 Warmup, Back Squat 3x5, Press 3x5, Chin Ups 3xFailure
C: Power Clean 3x3 Warmup, Deadlift 3x3, Front Squat 3x5, Dips 3xFailure

i would highly recommend doing a 3 day program and following it to a T. something like the texas method, or other 5x5 programs. or you can do 5/3/1 for 3 days a week. its all in the book on how to do it.

doing your own programs are nice, when you know how to program progression, time off, mobility, balance, etc.

Thanks for the advice I looked into the Texas Method and think I will go with that.