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3 Day Split Advice


I've been training for a year and a half on mainly full body routines and upper/lowers 3 times a week because it was recommended to me at 17 years old that I need frequency to get a hang of the basics.

Now I've reached a plateau where I think that it's finally time for me to adopt a split routine. I've never done one before so I'm hoping I can get some input on one I got from some other site;

-Bench Press 3 working sets(not including warm ups) 5-7reps for 2-3 weeks then switch to 3-5reps
-Incline Bench Press 3sets of 6-8, no need for warm up sets (throw in db's in place of barbells once in a while for something different)
-Flat Bench Db Presses or Flyes 3 sets of 10
-Lat pulldowns, bent rows, low pully rows, db rows, and so on and so on. Pick two or three exercises, vary your reps. Obviously the lower the reps scheme the more weight you should use

-Squats 3-4 working sets(not including warm ups) 5-7 and 3-5 reps schemes work best
-Deadlifts can be done if desired or in substitute of another exercise. 3sets of 3-5
-Leg press 3sets of 8-10
-Leg Curls 3sets of 8-10
-Leg Ext. 3sets of 8-10
-Bicep work- pick a couple of exercises, 3sets of whatever.

-Close Grip Bench 3 sets of 5-7(not including warmups)
-Front Presses 3 sets of 3-5 reps
-Dips 3 sets of whatever
-Rope Tricep extensions 3 sets of 8-10
-Side Laterals (db or cable) 3 sets of 10-12

Does this seem any good?


you are only doing 1 leg day and only one day for pulling movements for 2 big pressing days - even that shit out. if you want to do an upper/lower, think of it as workout A and B instead of days of the week - more flexible.
No rear delt?
are you alternating squat and deadlift? both cannot be done heavily in one session


I disagree.

I would be sure to eat enough that day, and be sure to have some focus, but it can be done.


Well the way I see it, it's split up into a chest&back day, legs&bis day, shoulder&tris day - not too far off from a typical bodybuilder split I think. I'm not using huge weights yet so I think I can handle the volume for pressing although you might be right about both deadlifts and squats on one day.... maybe i'll alternate it a bit.


its not so much the volume of pressing, its the ratio of pressing to pulling, equalise it


Is that engraved in stone somewhere? Because the amount of times I got a squat and DL PR in one session disproves that "cannot be done" mumbo jumbo.

The split isn't my cup of tea but why don't you just try it out OP?


But youre just a girl

and HEYY who let you near the dangerous metal weights in the first place ??!?!


I wandered away from the elliptical for the first time ever then... BAM! I did a deadlift.


for crying out loud, i also squat and deadlift in the same session BUT heavy squat/light dead and visa versa, i have also done a cycle of Korte's 3x3. would you recomend a newbie working up to a 3RM with both? even if he kept perfect form, the effect would be reduced


Depends on the newb to be honest.

But to your larger point, I do tend to agree, most green people should shy away from going balls to the wall in both on the same day until they are comfortable with form.

I just don't want anyone to put themselves in a box and take what you wrote as it can never be done, and 3 years from now dude is not doing something that might work for him because he has it stuck in his head he can't, ya dig?


i dig. i broke out of the box when i did my first smolov (7x5 then 10x3 on consecutive days! impossible!)