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3 Day San Francisco Visit


Never been there. family reunion. Sounds like a great city.

Any cool places to check out there related to muscle building, visual arts, medicine, alternative medicine? Too bad I can't visit the BALCO labs.

What do you recommend for a gym, as I'd like to work out one day there, if I can fit it in? Any good buffets or good local foods that fellow T-men would recommend?

What is good family friendly touristy stuff? Alkatraz, Muir Woods, Ghiradeli chocolate factory? Any tour companies you'd recommend or I avoid?

Mahalo in advance.



I recommend Golden Gate Park. The De Young Museum, I haven't been since they remodeled, but here you can read about it:


Of course, Pier 39 (Fisherman's Wharf) and Alcatraz is definitely a good trip, but sometimes there is a waiting list.

Coit Tower is a good visit..


The Golden Gate Bridge is a no brainer.

I've been here all my life, so oddly haven't done all the 'touristy' things, but I <3 my city by the bay.

Hope you have a good time.


I'm here right now for a couple of weeks. Golds in SF is the place to go, but I'd avoid the showers if your strait. Bad things can happen in there. That gym sponsors lots of gay events like fag fridays (I'm not joking) http://www.fagfridays.com/

BTW I'm not gay what so ever. Never done anything gay ever and I'll go to the grave that way. I hear about this shit on the radio. http://www.goldsgym.com/gyms/index.php?gymID=408


Muir Woods is great but the parking lots get full on the weekends a lot. If anything the drive is nice. I used love the Exploritorium and the Steinhart Aquarium (they might still be under construction) when I was a kid. I'd definitely go to china town and have dim sung and go to fishermans warf and walk around that whole area.

I love to just walk all over that city especially around the marina. You could go across the bridge into Tiburon and take the ferry over to Angle Island. While your there the Golds gym in marin is now the best place to lift in after worlds gym became five points fitness (sad).

You might want to check out the house boats in Salsalito or drive up to mount Tamapius do some hiking and have lunch. Let me know if you need any recommendations for restaurants or anything else. I can find out details from my family and freinds.


Salsalito. Lol.

Most amusing spelling error of the day Hagar.


Actually, you can visit BALCO sort of, it's right near SFO Airport, then get in a good hardcore workout a block away at Diesel Fitness Gym (where Bonds used to train pre-scandal)http://www.yelp.com/biz/1OaxBXsxK--N7-0X-sfOfw

...Ex-BALCO at...


Tons of great stuff, but one thing I would recommend along with all the big tourist things is spend some time on the streets visiting the local shops, eateries, etc.

That is where a lot of the SF flavor is in addition to all the things it is famous for.


Ok, we believe you.

Youre sure that youre not gay though?


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I think someone else said it but just to reiterate, the redwoods are completely amazing.


That can't be any worse than "the cup" where they take both hands and grab yours, and then hold on for at least 5 seconds too long.


I live 45minutes from that city. Great place. Definately check out PIer 39, my favorite place for some seafood. The clam chowder in bread is a must have. Ghiradeli's chocalate factory is a nice place too, it's full of tasty treats.

If you want, you can also go crabbing at the piers, I've never personally tried it but i hear it's a pretty good experience.

Visiting the Alcatraz is also something you can do if you're into historical landscapes and attractions. When I was a kid, I used to go to the Exploratorium, it's basically a museum full of scientific gadgets and visualizations.

There's a new Westfield mall that just opened recently In SF I believe, I haven't been there yet but i hear it's really nice.

Just walking around the city will find you lot's of things to do. Have fun!


For good beer, check out the Anchor Brewery and for good entertainment, it has to be the Mitchell Bros Theater on Polk/O'Farrell.


I'm sure but sometimes I listen to gay dance music on Energy 92.7. I just want to keep my reputation srate.


Also the Marin brewing company in Larkspur has the best beer I've ever had.


Sausalito sorry LOL I just ate a burrito with a whole bunch of fresh salsa when I wrote that.