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3-Day Power-Building

Looking to study a 3-day powerbuilding program. A heavy main lift and volume supplemental and assistance work. I cannot commit more than 3 days in the gym. I could do 2-3 days conditioning. Any articles?

Assuming by powerbuilding you mean a routine that gets you bigger and stronger, a lot of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 variations are 3 days of lifting with 2-3 days of conditioning. Check out “Building the Monolith”.

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I love the approach layed out by Dave Tate in “The 8 Key’s to Progress,” and “The Periodization Bible, Part 1&2”

Warm up
Main lift
Secondary lift

Because you’re not a powerlifter, just skip the ME and DE stuff. Use “main lifts” like inclines, close grips, stiff deads to target your small areas like a body-builder would.

Then hammer on your lats, hamstrings, tri’s and rear delts/traps.

Also, C.T. puts out some cool concepts in " Zombie Apocolypse Workout."

You could follow his lead, and get into high pulls instead of dl’s for awhile.

You could use his “growth factor” ideas for your assistance work.

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I’ve seen this book.

Oh stop whining. Who’s going to open your jar of peanut butter for you if everyone trained like a bodybuilder?

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What? Why bother with such feats of strength? I, for one, am relieved that I can always count on the Starting Strength trainees weighing 50lbs less than me to open my peanut butter jars.

Btw, OP, we’re just joking around because we don’t have a better answer than this.

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Amir Rapid, Strong Bodybuilder

Their squat maxes are impressive, and they do drink a lot of milk. Handy guys to have around. Can’t really count on the big guys at the gym for anything.

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A 5/3/1 version would be my recommendation also.

Sensible Training- A Logical Approach to Size and Strength, by Dr. Ken E. Leistner

The Development of Muscular Bulk and Power by Anthony Ditillo

John McCallum Routines, Part 1

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I have become a pretty big fan of Paul Carter’s routines. He has a bunch of three day routines.

Waterbury Method with deadlifts and ramping up and down the 10x3 excercises to close to %90 1RM.