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3 Day Goal Camp


I'm a trainer and I thought you guys might get a kick out of the three day trip I put together for a client who needed some inspiration on his weight loss. 3 days in the bush, no phones, no internet, just training. Check out the results!


It's like Rocky IV come to life!

Looks like a pretty fun weekend. What did you have him eating while you guys were up there?


Funny thing was he couldn't finish half the meals I made for him. We ate a ton. Just kept it the right food. Lean protein, chicken breast, steak, egg whites. Non-starchy complex carbs, veggies, berries etc. Quinoa, dry cottage cheese, So basically we ate 4-5 times a day so we had lots of energy for each session but kept portions manageable and all foods were whole and healthy.


With 50 lbs more to lose that will take 7 other trips


Good repeat client then :slight_smile: He trains with me 5 times a week actually. Definitely my favourite client such a great guy and so committed.