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3-Day Full Body Template Critiques

Interested in any advice/criticism for my new cycle

Have been doing the 5’s pro with bodyweight assistance the last few cycles just to get back into a consistent state of lifting (work and life, well kids ha, have been a little challenging) but thats part of it. Played college football and baseball (division 3 so nothing special) then got done and went to travel softball and alot of beer which added up. Now two kids later im far from being the athlete that i was.

Anyways here it is
Warm up is box jumps, med ball throws or jump rope

Day 1
Cleans 5’s pro or 3’s-depends on feel.
Back squat-5x5 first set last/superset push up x100
Press 5’s pro/fsl 5x5 ss ring rows or inv rows x50
Single leg or core x 50-100
Dips x 100

Day 2
Snatch 3’s pro
Deadlift 5’s pro/3x3 fsl super set core x100
Db incline bench x 100
Db row x 100

Day 3
Back squat 5’s pro/ 3x5 fsl ss pushup x50
Bench 5’s pro/ 3x5 fsl ss chins x50
Single leg x 50-100
Oh press x 50
Curls x 100

2 days that i dont lift has been used for 1 day being sled/yoke/prowler and being more intense and the 2 day being vest walk or up to a mile jog.

Again just looking for advice and or criticism. Thanks fellas and thank you Jim for all the benefits of 5/3/1.

You are a beginner. Do this. https://jimwendler.com/blogs/jimwendler-com/5-3-1-for-beginners. No need to invent the wheel again. Have you read his books?

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I wouldnt say im a begginer. What exactly is inventing the wheel? The cleans and snatches? I think the beginner program is a little to less for me but i will check into it more. Oh and i have run wendler before right when i was out of college but that was before the numerous templates though. Thank you for the opininion though

You are trying to fit way too much stuff into a program and doing a million things in a week - that is why one periodizes (plans) programming and sees the big picture. If you don’t, you try to do everything, all the time and right now.



Sounds good! Thanks for the advice!

Did not mean to sound harsh, but Jim have put out millions of templates and the web is flooding with custom templates which can be good if you know how to program, but mostly don’t.

Glad to see that everything worked out for you!