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3 Day Full Body Split


There’s absoultely nothing wrong with not doing front squats or cleans, but why wouldn’t you want to do them?

may describe cleans, but I wouldn’t describe front squats as that. And depending on your build and how you squat, I’d argue that if your main goal is mostly hypertrophy with a bit of strength, front squats may be better than back squats since they may “hit” the quads harder, and are less likely to irritate your lower back.

And I think any type of Olympic lift, be it a full movement, a hang version (hang clean, hang snatch), or simply a high pull, is an awesome trap builder.

Again, doesn’t matter at all if you don’t do them, but I wouldn’t rule out tried-and-true movements so quickly.


Thanks for clarification and for helping me


I hate the feeling of the bar being infront of me and it always keeps me out of balance thats for the front squat as for cleans I don’t even have the goal to include that workout in my list


Glad that you known i meant no harm or any disrespect and trust me i don’t go for who looks good and i swear that i asked cause you seemed experienced and wanted to help and again sorry if my way showed something i didn’t mean



Does it mean i use the same load for all the workouts just change the reps and sets or do i increase the loads?


Sounds good man. Just curious. Good luck!


Apologies for the delay, I’m not actually familiar with that program so I had to find a bit of time to read it in full. I have to confess, it’s not the most clearly written program.

You would be lifting with different loads across the week. So say you bench 100kg on Monday for 5 reps (a weight that you takes you near failure on the last set), you may be benching 90kg for 8 reps Wednesday and 80kg for 15 reps on Friday. There’s no way you’re going to be doing 15 reps on Friday with a weight you could barely manage 5 with on Monday.

You would then lift 101.25 the next monday

Just be aware this is just my reading of it and I may easily be wrong. As i say, i have never run this program.


Thanks for the reply as i am truly lost as it seems interesting workout but i am missing some of the lines :persevere: i will try it as you outlined as it makes sense and see where it goes :muscle:


It’s based on solid principles, big compound movements for sensible loading parameters so you can’t go too far wrong. Make sure you’re progressing in some way from week to week (more weight, more reps or something else to make it more difficult) and you’re golden.