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3 Day Full Body Split

What is the best 3 days split for hypertrophy and strength that includes easy and simple workouts to do without any complicated technical lifts :sweat_smile: like front squat or clean and stuff like that i want a more focused program toward hypertrophy but includes strength too :grin:

So your not wanting to do cleans or front squats? Which isn’t a big deal.

There isn’t a best. There are an almost unlimited number that work.

Hard work will trump any programming choices

Are you under the impression the two aren’t linked?

I recommend downloading the mass made simple ebook by Dan John. But failing that, do a quick search on this site and find one that excites you.

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Yes i want a program that doesn’t include them :grin::grin:

Actually i already searched and need an opinion on what this guy is saying cause he makes sense and detailing everything

Chads experience and results speak for themselves.

Do it.

Maybe consider starting a log on this site for accountability and maybe some input from the experienced members on here.

Just for clarification , when you say easy?

Easy to understand and apply

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Buy the mass made simple ebook. It literally has every workout planned for you, along with a smart way to learn how to eat for growth.

I have read an article here talk about that book but i don’t like front squat, i would do shitload of back squats cause i like it and i started my workout experience with starting strength but now i want more designed program toward aesthetic but also include strength as a goal too, i dont mind back sqautting deadlifting and pressing but whenever i do a program for myself i burn myself out too fast to keep going

Not doing front squats or cleans will not prevent you from getting bigger or stronger.
So don’t worry about it.

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From memory, the article on here is very different from the actual e-book, although I think you would still have to front squat and Powerclean as part of the complexes, albeit at a fairly low weight.

What i hate is the technique its self because i will never get into some kind of sport so i have to do those workouts, i think i will go with chads as it seems easy to understand and he gives an idea how to progress which is exactly what i want, i forgot to mention that i am 91kg at 183CM

Do you have an idea what does it mean to Increase the load 1.25 to 2.5% with each subsequent workout, what does subsequent workout means ? :sweat_smile:

Everyone who speaks English gets what that means. I don’t get what you’re trying to say here.

If it’s a genuine question, then just do what it says. If you’re trying to imply bulldog doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I refer you to his avatars and training log

Sorry for my ignorance i do speak English but i am from Egypt tho :sweat_smile: i know the meaning but i am asking for an example and he seems to be experienced thats why i asked him i didn’t mean any bad intentions and i do appreciate the help :green_heart:

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Apologies if I came across abrupt.

It means to do exactly what it says. If you lifted 100kgs on a particular workout, you’d lift 101.25kgs (1.25% more) on the next workout. You should expect to round to the nearest plates that you have available.

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I appreciate you having my back brother…but no worries in this case. Besides I have gotten to the point that I think some overlook ( especially newer members) my avatar because im not shirtless sporting abz…. Plus I assume that they do not know I have a log since it isn’t posted in the normal log section.

No worries man, I guess I’ve not been back here that long and I still get frustrated by the stream of people “looking for advice”, only to get butt hurt and start lashing out when they’re given it.

It turns out I misread the situation, the OP was absolutely not doing that anyway.


nope just a simple miscommunication…

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