3-Day Full Body Routine

Hello Coach Thibadeau,

I read your article “20-Minute Muscle Builder” and I really liked that 3-day option. That said, I know that I can be in the gym longer then 40 minutes. Do you have a previous program that employs your style of frequent training in a 3-day full body routine that would work for someone who consistently has a full 60 minutes to spend in the gym? Or would you recommend that 20-MMB with some additional specialization movements (arms, facepulls, abs, etc.)?

I know someone asked you something similar in the Livespill, and you mentioned that if the trainee had more time that a full routine (vs. a minimalist routine) would be a better option then just tacking on more and more movements. Was this applicable to training 3-days a week, or was it aimed at someone who was getting in for the shorter 6x week sessions?

I’ve used some of your programs in the past with great results, but between school, and work, I know I cannot commit to more then 3-days a week without burning out and missing sessions. I apologize if this has been covered in the past.

Thanks for any help and advice.