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3 Day Full Body Home Cutting Workout for a Fatty


I’m looking for some feedback/suggestions for a training split I was thinking of starting next week. Looking for a 3 day full body split that doesn’t eat up much time (restricted due to busy schedule). Going to be cutting fairly aggressively in a manner akin to the velocity diet. Equipment I have are Olympic dumbbell handles with enough plates to load up to roughly 45kg on one handles or about 25kg over two. Also have a chin up/dip station and some iron woody bands. Bit of a fatty at the moment and have gotten really out of shape. Was thinking of an a/b split performed axbxaxx/bxaxbxx/repeat. Everything would be as per Chad waterburys 25 method with 60-90 rest unless otherwise stated.

Workout A:
Bulgarian split squat
Db row
Tabata kb swings
Optional rotator cuff work

Workout B:
Single leg Romanian deadlift
Overhead press
Tabata kb swings
Optional ab work