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3 Day Full Body Dumbbell Only Routine


I have a pair of powerblock dumbbells that go up to 90lbs a hand .I also have a stability ball and a chin up bar. I am training to gain strength and to try and recomp a little. I am 5'11" 178lbs. I have been out of the gym for around 3 months, but I would estimate current lifts at Bench 225, squat 205, deadlift 300. I was trying to come up with a good routine and I think I am leaning towards a 3 day full body routine. This is what I have come up with so far, please critique.

workout A:
weighted chin up: 5x5
swiss ball db bench: 4x6-8
db push press: 3x6-8
1 arm db swing:4x10
db box squat: 4x6-8
hammer curl: 3x 8-10

workout B:

weighted push up: 4x6-8
db row: 3x8-12
db upright rows: 3x6-8
db squat: 4x8-12
db slds: 4x8-12
db skull crusher: 3x8-10


Get a gym membership.


What he said ^^^


I'm sticking with the dumbbells. Help with a home routine would be appreciated.


nickhp123 knows best.

squats on the stability ball.
handstand push ups on stability ball.
bicep curls on stability ball.

Any exercises not involving balancing on the stability ball as these will not activate as many muscles.


Are you serious?


Well, he is from England...so probably.


D'oh! Didn't notice that. I'll have to try squatting on a swiss ball now. Maxing squat tomorrow!


x2 well said




Awwwww geez... If you only have dumbbells then that's all you have... So, better do some single leg stuff as you really don't have enough weight for both legs. Let's see some lunges, single leg romanian deadlifts (unless this is what you meant by slds?), and one leg squats all with those DBs in your hands or else you will be stuck having a squat less than your bench forever.

But really if you can get a gym memebership or buy yourself an olympic bar and some plates and build or buy a simple squat rack, do so.


You better watch your tone little man


Why not do more jumping exercises? I mean Pushpress is great but with limited equipment to get a good leg workout in I'd think Jerking would be better.

Likewise I'd do some Weight Squat Jumps and Weight Rebound Jumps (stiff leg only using the calves)


Seriously. Nick, I don't see how this was at all called for. You specifically asked for a critique...

So, you asked, and you received.

(What the heck is up with newbs showing up lately, asking for advice, and then getting their panties in a bunch over some tough love? Is it a crazy kind of Spring fever?)

Anyhow, with that said...

Ditch the program you suggested and look into lower-rep, heavy complexes.
That's one of the best ways to get the most out of limited equipment.

Interesting guesses. But what are your current bests in the dumbbell bench press, dumbbell squat, dumbbell row, and dumbbell shoulder press? You know, the lifts that are actually relevant to your situation?


HA! I also recomend cups of tea inbetween sets.


I'm still not sure if Shontayne is kidding with the swiss ball thing. Just so you know, I'm from England, and I've never used a swiss ball in my life.


He is definitely joking.


Correct. 100% joking.


Try that dragan challenge: