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3-Day BB Split Incorporating 5x5

Wilderman, great additonal info, you hit it right on as far as changing up the rep/set schemes, I figured anyone who does the 5x5 program, to some degree will automatically deviate to there own way of adjusting to what they are trying to pusue for themselves…

I’ve seen a physical therapist now for a few times and the good news is that my joins and spine are in good shape. Also my technique is spot on, according to them. My back is also feeling a lot better at the moment.

It seems that my lower back/abs didn’t catch up with the high frequency of squats/deads combined with the fast pace of setting new PR’s every week in Madcows 5x5. Because of that my lower back got over trained and my muscles were the first to react and tell me to back off.

I’ll be taking it easy for a few weeks so that my back is 100% where it should be. After that I will be starting a westside template for this fall/winter, WS4SB type to be more specific.

Westside looks good because I will still be able to focus on strength, vary the max-effort and assistance exercises according to where I need to improve.

After I’ve gained more strength overall I’ll switch to a more bodybuilding orientated program ie. a volume dominant program ala CT.