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3 Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse


Does anyone here have any experience with it?

It's pretty straight forward you either drink pure organic apple juice or eat whole apples, with apple cider vinegar & olive oil for three days straight. Basically it flushes your digestive system and colon of toxins -- it sounds like a relatively cheap and easy way form of health insurance to preform a couple times per year.

I've seen some more complicated versions that involve using lemon juice and prune juices at certain intervals throughout the day. I believe that's mostly for the purpose of masking the ACV, a taste which I've grown accustomed to over the last couple months and can drink straight.

Google will supply plenty of info, don't want to inadvertently link to a competitor's site. I'll be giving it a go post-contest after I've had my fill of junk. I'd be interested to know if anyone here has tried it or is familiar with it.



How does one determine that they have toxins in their GI tract that they need to be cleansed of and what is stopping our body from eliminating/filtering them out naturally?


Good question, if you really wanted to know I'm sure you can get tested. However, considering the amount of preservatives, corn syrups, and artificial ingredients the majority of people eat I can say with some certainty that we do have toxins in our bodies -- whether you acknowledge them or not is up to you.

You can do your best to avoid them, but even looking at ingredients listed in some protein blends, cottage cheeses, and other health foods it really makes you question the quality of the food. If you get your food directly from a farm that has free range grass fed animals you wouldn't half to worry -- for the rest of us I see no reason not too take a basic precaution a couple times a year.


I did ALL this stuff back in the day. And I don't believe there is any benefit to it AT ALL, above and beyond a DECENTLY clean diet.

In fact, a decently clean diet is usually better, because you're taking in a lot of good nutrients.

You're worried about BAD STUFF that you think is in COTTAGE CHEESE? And you think APPLE CIDER VINEGAR will fix it? Just think about the logic of this for a minute.


Instead of a 3 day cleanse I think I would take a different approach. Fasting slows my metabolism (even one day) and I have never felt a change for the better afterwards.

If I'm trying to clean out my insides I just eat clean(er) and stop with solid food around 5 or 6. When I stop eating solid food early I always without fail feel excellent the following morning. Improved focus, energy, and mood. Also, I'm more ummm "regular" when I take this approach.

Maybe try something like this^^^^ for a couple of days and see what happens.


It sounds really dumb. No, it is really dumb. How is this different than any other pissing out your ass diet cleanse?...


At least the MAG-10 fast has you eating protein.

Having just apples and olive oil for 3 days sounds like a bad idea if you're trying to grow your muscles back.


I thought acid foods cause health problems?


See, this is why I told you to stop posting.

Acid FORMING foods cause problems. Believe it or not, pure apple cider vinegar helps to alkalyze (opposite of acidify) the blood. Just because it enters the stomach as an acid doesn't mean it enters the blood as an acid.


Different acids do different things in the body. You can't categorize things as acid=bad. protein is acidic, as is vitamin c, etc. You can view things an overall acidic or alkaline load on the body. Forbes stated it well.

I did just apples and apple juice and water for one day every once in a while if I was having a hard time feeling emptied out. Cleaned me out very well.


The blood stays at one pH. It's impossible to change the pH of your blood without dying.


I freaking love this guy.


The blood stays at one pH because your body will compensate via different mechanisms which in turn will compromise other factors. Your body may compromise bone mineral density, various reabsorption or exretions in the kidneys, etc. So while your statement is true, it doesn't really matter.


@Andersons, firstly it's cool that you're speaking from experience -- however I believe in the logic to a three day cleanse of fruit and olive oil. People have been doing variations of this for ages.

@ER, this isn't fasting -- eating a couple dozen apples and olive oil will provide enough calories to reach maintenance.

I used an abridged version of this Sunday morning after my show, within five hours I was COMPELTELY cleared out from all the pizza and junk I ate the previous night -- it wasn't uncomfortable either.

If you look into it, you would see you have a certain amount of apples based on your weight and a tbs. of EVOO with most of them -- that's plenty of cals and actually fills you up.


Personally, I'd do a two day all vegetable diet with large salads and lots of broccoli if ever i really felt like my colon needed cleansing.


So I've been feeling kind of bloated and full... This apples thing intrigues me haha


Exactly, imagine how I feel eating around 32oz of meat a day!


How many meals do you break that down into? 6, 8?


In searching for an explanation as to how ACV "cleanses" "toxins" from the body, I wasn't able to find anything useful. Plenty of articles from health websites claiming how Eastern medicine has been using the stuff forever.
Nothing describing an actual mechanism though.

Could you explain how ACV removes toxins from the body? And what kind of toxins are we talking about here?
Otherwise I can't understand how you could think this is anything but another stupid fad.


What about charcoal? Anybody use it regularly?