3 Day a Week Program

I’m currently a student and I’m going back home for winter break. This break I’m returning to my summer job as a garbage collector. This entails hard physical labour 4 days a week for 12+ hours in the cold. I have Mondays off so ideally I want to get in the gym three days a week but I wasn’t sure how to program it. I was thinking 5/3/1 beach body challenge because I’d like to continue to incorporate hang cleans into my routine. Any suggestions? Thanks

Maybe consider doing original 531 with 1 main lift/day and spread 4 workouts over 8-10 days? This way you can control your schedule easily (train 2 days in a row if have to), recover from training/work and give full attention to hit some PRs on main lifts. It works as well as doing all 4 lifts in a 7 day period, maybe even better…

If you don’t really have time, the thing which worked for me was 2 trainings per week, doing two lifts (with BBB) per training as follows:

-deadlift/military press

No other accessory work except abs.