3 Day A Week Program For Athletes

So here is my offseason plan for my volleyball players. Please help me improve it!

3 days a week. 1.5 hours a day.
Focus: general strength and great explosion

Monday and Friday
Dynamic warm-up: 5 min
Bench Press: 3x8
Squat: 3x8
Power Clean: 3x8
Good Morning (from pins): 2x10
Calf Raises: 2x10
Lat Pulldowns: 2x10
Hip Raises (from the ground with weight): 2x10
Moderate Plyo Routine: Box Jumps, 10 Yard Sprints, Med Ball Throws, ect.

Dynamic warm-up: 5 min
Dead Lift: 3x5
Push Press: 3x5
Underhand Lat Pulldowns: 2x10
Intense Plyo Routine: Box Step-Up, Box Jumps, Plyo Push-Up, Sprint Training, ect.

I want Mon and Friday to be heavy on weights, light on plyos with Wednesday light on weights and heavy on plyos. Also, I need to add some core workouts that will help with athletic stability. Going to focus a lot on the posterior chain, core, and jumping ability while trying to gain overall strength.

Anyone ever try a workout like this for athletic performance? Also, any way I can improve on this? Also, please recommend workouts to add or remove! Thanks!

I think you are asking way too much with this template. I don?t know what level athletes you are coaching, but at almost any level its too much. First of all, I would take the conditioning out of the lift days and move it to Tues. and Thurs. I don?t see how anyone could get much out of box jumps with that much work before hand. Also, I would tone down the lifting to exclude some of the accessories. If you don?t have any progression built into the program it will be useless! Level off the conditioning to focus on strength in the off-season and as season approaches try and retain strength and increase conditioning. I think the program is pretty bad, but I?m not a strength coach either, so maybe someone with real world experience training athletes will chime in.

It’s not conditioning. It’s muscle movement training with a focus on the fast twitch fibers… These are HS girls. That don’t know proper jumping or sprinting form… An old rule that people forget about jump training is to actually jump more… If you want to get better at something, you have to do it a whole bunch of times, right?

You don’t need to re-design the wheel. But if you’re intent on building your own program why not trim it down? Girls on average (any guy on here who tried to get his girlfriend to work out with him will back me on this) have less interest in spending umpteen hours in the gym like their male counterparts.

Just remember the K.I.S.S. principle. Is the 1.5 hours how long it will take you or them? These girls aren’t at Westside (not that Louie would allow a program like this). And remember someone has to check to make sure they’re doing this properly. And that they can do it under minimum supervision. Are the girls using the gym in the school or are they using a commerical gym? If they are using the H.S. gym is there enough equipment? Are they all working out at the same time? What sort of time constraints are you putting on the exercises?

[quote]The8thDeadlySin wrote:
These are HS girls.[/quote]
I’d really like to see more emphasis on single-leg exercises, along with a focus on strengthening the posterior chain, as well as specifically strengthening the hamstrings and knees against injuries before they get a chance to occur.

Not in a fatigued state you don’t.

Especially considering they don’t know proper form under ideal conditions, how explosive can you expect anyone to be after you’ve fatigued the lower body with squats and power cleans and good mornings and calf raises and hip raises?

And how explosive do you expect 8-rep sets of cleans to be, period?

Take a look at Cressey’s Off-Season Strength program to get a general idea about laying out a better plan (I’m not saying to copy it as-is):

I’d also check out info from Dan John and Joe DeFranco, who both have tons of experience working with teen athletes. Overall, I have to agree it looks like you’re making things more complicated than they need to be. I generally recommend a basic bodyweight program for untrained kids. If these girls are new to training, even something that simple might be fine for at least a few weeks, rather than going from zero lifting to the whole kitchen sink.

Thanks for all the feedback! Imma try to keep it simple at first.