3 Compound Lifts in a Session

[quote]trick_1992 wrote:
yeah i got that bout the “curl” thing. Thats why i dun give a damn bout curling. I 've been training for 3months now, and deadlifts has really increased my bodyweight like 15 pounds. Yes i eat. and grow i did.

lemme intro myself then
Age 16
Country: Sg
Height 173cm
Weight 65kg
Deadlift: 110kg
benchpress: 60kg
Squat: 80kg

I know its crappy, but gimme some leeway

yeah tats all any more advice[/quote]

Dude, you’re 16. Don’t worry about what your stats are. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

And there’s no reason you can’t do 3 compound movements in one session, especially since you are just starting out. There’s lots of successful lifters doing different variations of 2,3, or even sometimes more compound lifts in one session.

This is a quality program in which you do minimum 4 compounds in one day:


I am in week 4 at the moment and I love it.

Back from the gym, and i’m pretty damn glad to say i did the 2xBodyweight deadlift for 4 reps!
feeling wicked

holy shit guys, haven’t anyone read STARTING STRENGTH from Mark Rippetoe???

Day A:

Bench Press

Day B:


It does work wonders for beginners