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3 carb meals - 3 fat meals

In the online mag, there were a couple articles saying to eat 3 high carb/low fat meals and 3 high fat/low carb meals each day. I have been under the impression that carbs are for energy, and without carbs, you’re body uses protein for energy… will your body use fat for energy in this case? Has this theory been researched or is it potentially failing idea (like that High protein post workout idea, no offense, Chris)

"failing idea (like
that High protein post workout idea, no offense, Chris"

Huh? I think that practice came along when I was about negative 25 years old. Sorry, can’t take credit (or blame if it doesn’t work for you) for that idea.

Those were my general recommendations. I never said to do it without question. I said that this might be an approach to try while also finding out about insulin sensitivity to determine if you need 4 and 2, 5 and 1, or 3 and 3. Also I recommended exerimenting with yourself to see what works. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Go back and read the two massive eating articles to see why I recommend this. And although there is not alot of hard research on this (and there NEVER will be because research is driven by funding and NO ONE funds studies designed to make healthy people more muscular and lean for asthetic purposes - unless it’s a supplement company who has a product to test), Ive seen this experimental approach work in many athletes and trainees.

And finally as far as the "failed" idea...that was proposed in the protein roundtable by myself, cy and lonnie (as well as dozens of others in the industry) - Chris had no part in that. At the time the evidence seemed pretty good to hypothesize that. And although it may be inefficient, it certainly doesnt fail. If you have the choice between hi and low protein after training, hi will win every time for size gains.

In this business guys like myself, bill, brock, cy, tom incledon, tc, chris, lonnie lowery, etc. go out on big precarious limbs to bring the science out to you guys. And then if something turns out not to work, people slam us. We never guarantee that our theories are *always* accurate. But we are trying to give you information that you would never have access to otherwise. So once we propose something it's your job to see if it makes sense to you and if so, to go out and test it and find out if it works or not. That's the least you can do instead of criticizing.

I dont mean to come off arrogant or jaded but I get alot of slams on the email and simply want to set the record straight.

I think he means the practice of an extremely high protein intake post workout (up to 100g I think) that was advocated by Cy Willson at one time, not yourself Chris. John B and Tom Incledon are both in agreement that this is not the way to go obviously though.

I think it’s funny that you call something a “failure” without anything to support yourself. A high protein meal will raise insulin and glucagon levels. True, more on the side of glucagon but this just makes things a little less efficient. This DOES work. Now, in all honesty, will it work better than say John’s formulation that’s designed to elevate insulin levels while also providing a key amount of protein? The answer is no. However, it DOES work.

John, Chris, TC and all the “T-mag” Crew:

A couple of points:

  1. I look at you guys, (and anyone else serious about “pushing the envelope” of nutrition and bodybuiding) as the “Right Stuff” Kinda Guys. (Yes, after the movie of the same name!). Shortly after WWII, we didn’t have a CLUE if we could strap a human on the back of essentially a controlled combustion bomb and they would survive. When we found out they could do THAT, could they survive that mysterious sound barrier? Many died trying, but we continued to push, found out we could, and the rest is history. We went through the same thing trying to see if a Human could survive in the vacumn of space.

No, I don't expect people to die because of Health and Nutrition (isn't it a screwed up irony that someone would jepordize their health in order to attempt to present a healthy looking aesthetic?), but I REALLY hope you guys continue to "Push the Envelope"; you guys have too much of that "Right Stuff" not to do so. If I don't like something you propose, I won't do it. If it makes sense to me, I'll try it. (I'm testing out right now how my body responds to a light, Post Workout Aerobic Session; I first heard about the concept from John.I'll keep you updated).

2) Those who "push the enveople" will ALWAYS be critisied. In a recent "Readers Mail" reply, TC alluded to the fact that the "T-Mag" path is NOT the easy path. "Pushing It" is not conducive to "the Masses". They want bunny weights, high carb bagel and salad diets, "toning" exercises, what Cologne to pack on your next buisness trip and new ways to work abs every week. Save it for "Fitness" "Self" and "Men's Fitness". You guys continue to keep us "on the Edge" of Health and Fitness, and tell everyone else to go buy a bagel and some pink dumbells...

excellent post Mufasa! If anyone figured out all the answers to obtaining a huge, ripped, body, in the quickest was possable he would be as rich a Bill Phillips and there wouldn’t be any fat asses walking the streets. Training, nutrition, and supplementation science should always evolve. In the last five years exercise science has changed radically. If we didn’t have people who push the edge we would still be in the stone ages! I say keep up the information flow we will experiment and if the protocal fails we’ll reexamine and make it better next time.

Something I’ve found to be effective concerning high carb/low fat meals and high fat/low carb meals for weight loss is to do a zigzag type pattern. I start day 1 with 5:1, day 2 is 4:2, day 3 is 3:3, day 4 is is 2:4, and then I begin again.

I forgot to ask John if there was someplace I could find some writing on the insulin index and a food listing. Also, my brother is a type 1 diabetic, and I have access to his old glucometer. I don’t want to stick myself all the time, but if I could test a half dozen common meals then it might be useful. Could you tell me how to do this?