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3 Bodybuilding Contests, 3 Weeks in a Row - Good or Bad?

Hey Everyone,

I was hoping to get any feedback or advice as I am preparing for a bodybuilding contest in 2 months. In the past, I’ve usually done at least two contests for a prep, typically 3-4 weeks apart (just the way they were scheduled).

This year, looking at the schedule, I see that there are 3 contests (all on Saturday) that fall on consecutive weeks. So I would be doing one contest for three weeks in a row.

I don’t see any negative aspects to it, but I wanted to see if anyone has any experience doing contests that close to each other or if they know people who have and can shed some feedback on whether there is anything I need to concern myself around.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Obviously there’s the mental stress that you might be under, but if you’re naturally relaxed, feeling that you “did the work”, then it might not be horrible.

Physical stress can be an issue on a few matters:

  • Soreness from flexing onstage. I was always destroyed after a contest, particularly my traps for some reason. This can be a concern when you’re making yourself go to the gym right after a show because you’re now focused on the next show just several days away.

  • Possible bloating from carbing up, water, salt etc the day of the show can really screw with your head the Monday after. Depending on your “protocol” leading to a contest, you might be all over the place depleting, carbing, pumping etc. I usually have people doing two shows pick one to really pull out every trick for instead of taxing themselves trying to peak 6 days apart.

I will say though that if you’re already handling a good amount of carbs on your contest diet that you’ll probably have less fluctuations post contest.


Thanks, Stu. I appreciate the advice and you make a lot of sense. I didn’t take that into consideration but will definitely do so.

Right now I’m at 200 grams of carbs and doing well. Hopefully I can keep it going at that rate. The mental and physical aspect will be a challenge. Again, definitely appreciate your reply!

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Hoping you keep us informed how things go (are going?)


Hey Stu,

For sure, will keep you guys posted. Here’s a pic from 8 weeks out. But I’ve been thinking about the 3 contests in 3 weeks and I don’t think I’m going to do it. It does add a higher level of stress and wear and tear. For now, I’m only committing myself to two contests, having one week break in between. But maybe things will change ! haha I dont know… but I do know they can get expensive and that is just another stress, you know what i mean?