According to a Clinical Study in the Journal of Exercise Physiology (Vol.2 No.4), this compound is a natural metabolite of the human hormone DHEA. It was discovered that the subjects not only lost three times more body weight and body fat than the subjects in the placebo group, while experiencing a significant increase in the thyroid hormone T-3.

Has anyone ever heard of this stuff or researched it? If anyone has more input on this please post. Thanks.

Otherwise known as 7-keto DHEA. Twinlab makes it, but others sell it much cheaper in powder form under the oxo-dhea name. It seems that as with the ecdysterones, the 6th and 7th ketone position in the carbon ring is the key. 7-keto should be about 60% as effective as rubrosterone (an ecdysteroid). As with the ecdy products, 7-keto DHEA will NOT convert to an androgen. Thus, the safety profile is much greater than the other “prohormone” products.