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3 a Week Full Body Template


How is this template good for my goals of size and strength?

Day 1

Squat: 5x5
Bench Press: 5x5
Chins: 3 sets
Triceps: 3x10

Day 2

Deadlift: 5x5
OHP: 3x8
Barbell Row: 3x8
Biceps: 3x10

Day 3

Squat: 3x8
Bench Press: 3x8
Chins: 3 sets
Triceps: 3x10

Basically this is a 3 day a week full body training template where days 1 and 2 are heavy days, while day 3 is a lighter day. My plan of progression is to simply add 5 pounds to the bar whenever I get all the sets and reps and I plan to do a 1 week deload every 5 weeks of training. Any thoughts on how this would work for muscle size and strength?



Give it a shot and see how it works for you! 3 days per week full body can be very effective. I would add more training variety to your exercises as well as focus on 1 big lift per day (2 max). Just my opinion but everyone is different.



Looks fine.

I do HCT 12 (google HCT 12 PDF for details), it's similar to this. Very basic, but it does incorpirate a cluster set at the end of each heavy set (ramped up in weight)

Why did you decide to do a 3 day routine (ABA) rather than a 4 day routine AB, rest, AB? I would do a 4 day routine rather, and do a deload after 6-8 weeks.. Or if you find 4 days too much, then do ABA, BAB, ABAB - then switch back (so 2 weeks of 3 days training per week, then 2 weeks of 4 days per week)

Good luck - as long as you progress you cant go wrong!


This will probably cause one big mess but.......if my goal was 'size & strength' I would want to train more than 3 times a week.

Just saying.


A one week deload every 5 weeks from this? Please explain.


Looks cool if you don't care about aesthetics and proportion and having glaring weak points later down the road that you probably wouldn't have if you used a bodypart split.


It won't cause a mess.
I agree with you.


fucking hell King beef, you look 5ft wide!


When i first started out i wasted a lot of time on fancy training methods and techniques.
When i eventually moved towards a low volume, higher frequency set up and focused on adding weights/reps every week i eventually started to notice real results.

The above template looks like it covers everything someone with less then 1 years training would need.
I honestly believe this is the best wat for a beginner to progress, provided you get the out of the gym things right - youll improve every workout.

The only problem is that with w/o likes this theres a temptation to do more @ each workout as your capcity improves. Its important to stick to the template as long as your progressing every week.


Here is a great article on T-Nation:


Give it a read, especially if you are someone who swears by single body part splits.



Thanks man. It's cuz I waste all my time doing bodypart splits.


I agree you do look very wide.

On another note, I wasnt referring to body part splits being a waste of time.
I merely was stating over complecating things for a beginner is counter productive.
Its far more beneficial to focus on getting stronger. The above routine looks very solid for this.