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3 8-Weekers or 2-12 Weekers a Year?

What is the general consensus as to which method is preferable? If going with the shorter cycles, is HCG really necessary?

The consensus of most is that more frequent shorter cycles are better and that HCG is no necessary in short cycles.

It does help if used correctly, its just not a big problem with 8 weekers.

This is a little to vague of a question. I say this because there are many reasons to use AAS. It depends on if you are a strength athlete, bodybuilder, sport specific athlete, or a gym rat. And each of these can be broken down even further.

Need more info on your goals.

As for HCG, it depends on how your body recovers. Absolutely necessary? No. Desirable? Yes

I’d go for more frequent shorter, effectively planned cycles than longer drawn out ones.

Agreed with Brook, 6-8 weeks cycles 6-8 weeks off. More aggressive? 6 weeks on 2 weeks off, and cycle your high intensity training around it.

If short cycles wasn’t an option I would just stay on low dose.