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3.5 Weeks Out


Hey everybody here are my 3.5 weeks out pictures. This morning I was 172.2 so in these pictures I'd say I am about 175 or 176ish. Any feedback would be nice!


Front double bi


Rear Lat


Side tri


Abs & Thigh


Lil something extra


Damn solid! Back and legs are total standouts! If you continue to tighten these next few weeks and nail that crisp look onstage I can see you seriously crushing the competition. Open Middles, or are you gonna push for the lightweight with some water manip?



You honor me Stu. Thanks for those awesome words of encouragment. But I will prolly stay with open middles. My training partner who is doing the show with me and is working with Shelby Starnes thinks I only have about four or five pounds left. So I will prolly just stay with open middles.


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Honestly your in awesome shape, but I cant help saying your arms are so short it looks odd. Good Luck with this comp, you look like you will destroy.


I guess I should note that I am only five foot six so arms and legs arnt that long anyways.



Seriously impressive mate, legs are crazy for someone that near a show.

You're going to dominate!


Thanks everyone it's good to hear reassuring words especially when your so close and your brain is messing with ya the whole time.


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Wow - very impressive physique. Great quads - maybe chest and arms could come up a little (maybe areas to focus on in your next off season), but man you have great balance and very pleasing overall shape and lines. And not to say arms and chest aren't lookng good - definitely are!

Best of luck in your show!!


Thanks a lot. I tryed really hard this off season to bring up my chest and arms and I agree they still arn't quite par with the rest of my body. I got my bench up to 405 and my chest still did not respond growth wise as much as I hoped it would but oh well thats the name of the game. Everyone here on T-Nation is much better at replying and posting feedback then over on rx website.


Looking really good man. I think his arms only look weird because he rotates them so far back in the front double bi.

Are you wearing the goggles in the tanning bed? haha


In your next mass phase you should really focus on brining up the posterior delts, anterior delts, traps, triceps and biceps in that order. Obviously more mass all over will be good but those areas in particular will add a lot to your physique


Really really good job man! BTW, is this natural? I assume it is, but you never know...


Looking pretty damn awesome, dude.