3.5 Times Bodyweight Deadlift Really That Crazy?

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Which one motivates you more?


That’s the thing idk if I have motivation… The crazy numbers came so quick that I guess I don’t have appreciation for them and its whatever for me.

I pulled 405 the first time I ever deadlifted. But I want to pull 800 or more under 200 lb bodyweight.
Just set big, scary goals.

Or don’t.

It will be HIGHLY unlikely that you accidentally become the “pound for pound Strongest Man in the World”. Without being motivated, training consistently and eating towards that specific goal, I don’t see it.

You have a strong deadlift for being a tiny person, but 345lbs isn’t that heavy by an average lifter’s standards. Hawthorne, on the other hand, puts up 650+lb Deadlift, 500+lb squat and 300+lb bench making him a very impressive lifter ESPECIALLY since he is ~130-135lbs.

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Exacly 3.5x body weight in my first year is good…give me 10 years like hawthorne and I’ll up there on a 5x body weight dead … And 415 isn’t average I go a lot of meet and that’s what most of the 132’s 148’s and even 165’s pull…

Now of course if u talking about a 198, 220. 242 that’s not even average (415=1.5 x body weight) but… Everyone isn’t a 198-308

You just said that is what most of them pull that by definition is average. but you ll Also gain weight once you actually start lifting. In case your wondering I have 70lbs on you and over 300 on your deadlift max

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I’ve lost fat while gaining a little muscle so I haven’t added much weight…I’m like 7 pounds heavier than I was when I started

Yes, there is nobody debating that you pulling 3.5x your bodyweight is good.

Yes, potentially if you put in the proper work and train/diet smart.

I’m not sure where I said that 415lbs was an average pull? Additionally, I wouldn’t consider an average lifter to be the same as an average COMPETITOR.
Like Vince said, doesn’t this statement detract from your ‘crazy’ deadlift?

If it isn’t evident to everyone reading, I’m quite bored at the moment hence the caring enough to reply to this thread…

Depends. Do you want to be strong for your bodyweight? Do you want to be strong by average Joe’s standards? Do you want to be strong by T-Nation standards? Or… Do you really give a shit?

That’s a serious question. It doesn’t matter what’s possible or what we think you should do. The only thing that matters is what’s important to you. If it’s important for you to deadlift a certain weight and you want help here then ask away. If you’re interested in a philosophical debate then please read the 600lb Deadlift thread in the Bigger Stronger Leaner section. I think we’ve beat that horse enough.

Pound for pound your Deadlift sounds great. Might I ask, barbell or trap bar and how is your form? I recall my classmates pulling 400-500lbs trap bar at that age but their spine looked like a question mark.

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On a barbell once I get over 380 I get a little bend in my back but nothing crazy

Oooh, oooh, that was me! It was this horrible completely folded over lower back raise.

The worst part was that our “strength coach” would grimace but never say anything and still count the lift.

Thinking about taking HGH…how much will my lifts go up?

You gotta be fucking joking.


Just don’t man. Just no. HGH (Human Growth Hormone): Uses and Side Effects

… … … Facepalm of Death

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I hear crystal meth is a great pre-workout