3.5 month Conjugate Method Progress

Does it look like I’m heading in the right direction? If not, what could use a little tweaking? I don’t have a hardcore lifting gym/club around here so I’m posting here.

bodyweight: 180


lower ME: trap bar dl, ssb squat, oly squat, low box squat, band deadlift
Upper ME: incline press, 1 phonebook press, close grip, band press, floor press

980 total

bodyweight: 190
squat-345 30 lb 8.5lb/month
bench-285 25 lb 7lb/month
deadlift-435 30 lb 8.5lb/month

squat weakness-few inches out of bottom position
bench- bottom 1/3 of movement
deadlift- breaking the ground, but much strain throughout movement

tentative plan to correct weaknesses:

lower body ME’s- front squat,deficit sumo dead, pin squat, low box squat,
upper body ME’s- floor press, one board press, band press, pause press

lower- oly squats, heavy gms, start doing more speed deads on dynamic DE day
upper- jm press, close grip, db press

lower- db sldl, db lunges, abs, back extensions, leg ab/ad-duction
upper- flies, band pull aparts, face pulls, light oh db press

+85lbs in 3.5 months; 25lb/month

total: 1065

Real solid progress, just keep going.

Mostly what I want to know is if ya’ll think the ME exercises are appropriate for my sticking points during the lift.

Looks fine.
I know you have facepulls but I’d add in one proper back movement like pullups or Kroc rows


Agreed. A major over-site of mine. Without it, my shoulders would probably be screaming at me 4 or so weeks in. Thanks.

Do the main powerlifts more, you can increase your total by improving technique, this takes years of practice. I assume you squat raw, so try dipping it at the bottom it will help you come up easier.

Try high rep incline db and bb for more power off your chest