3/5/1 SVR and Power Cleans?

I’ve been using the power clean version since January from Beyond 5/3/1 and I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. Thus far I’ve been running it with 3’s PRO to TM with joker sets alternating with 3’s PRO to SSL (multiple sets, generally 5-8x3). Basically I do the former for six weeks before swapping to the latter. That said I do miss doing PR sets and having re-read Beyond 5/3/1 I do like the SVR 3/5/1 version.

I am curious if it works okay with Power Cleans?

For helpful background I came off a year’s worth of Greyskull Linear Progression in November and started with a standard 5/3/1 with Joker Sets (1-3x) and First Set Last for a single set in November and ran that all the way through to January.