3/5/1 Strength Cycle?

On 5 weeks only do 5 reps for last set and no single. This is based off Strength challenge in Beyond 5/3/1

Bench press 3/5/1+ then 1x1 TM
Press 3x5 @ 80%
Dips 3 sets
DB rows 3 sets 12-15
Face-pulls 3 sets 12-15

Squat 3/5/1+ then 1x1 TM
Deficit deadlift 3x5 @ 70%
Hanging leg raises 3 sets

Press 3/5/1+
Bench 3x5 @ 80%
Chin-ups 3 sets
DB rows 3 sets 12-15
Face-pulls 3 sets 12-15

Deadlift 3/5/1+ then 1x1 TM
Squat 3x5 @ 80%
Hanging leg raises 3 sets

Q. Should jokers still be incorporated? Do them after the 1x1 TM? For example say 100kg TM for squat and on the 3s week it would be work sets like:

Q. Could insert a week of 5 between running back to back cycles? The start of book mentions doing 6 week cycle of 3/5/1, increase TM, 3/5/1 , Deload. Thinking 3/5/1, 5, increase TM, 3/5/1, Deload to make it into an 8 week cycle. Thoughts?

Just follow the book. The setup for the templates is, as I understand it, the best Jim came up with based on what he has observed to work in practice, so you’re very unlikely to make it better by changing it. I definitely don’t think skipping a deload is a good idea. I’m also pretty sure that 3/5/1 doesn’t have plus sets except for week six, where you can try for a rep PR with your TM. You might want to double check that though.

Same with Joker sets. The 3/5/1 setup has you hitting a single at your TM in weeks one and three, so why would you need Joker sets? My understanding is that they apply more to templates that don’t explicitly include heavy singles as a way to take advantage of days where everything is feeling great.

Deload still there… I was just adding one extra week in before a deload. The book has “6-Week Training Cycles – New 5/3/1 Training” where doing back-to-back cycles of 3/5/1 . Technically its 7 week cycle once include the deload. All I was thinking was extra 5s week in between the back-to-back cycles.

It does have them for plus sets at least in Beyond 5/3/1 page 42 under 5/3/1 Strength Phase.

Yeah I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t clear to me if you still should do Joker sets. The Joker set section seems to imply that it should always be included. But it also says to include FSL which I have seen Wendler say not to if you doing BBB.

And then further in the joker set section it says "“Once you cannot get the reps, you are free to keep adding 10% jumps for singles.” . At which point I wonder if the only different with the strength phase version is that its a required set instead of optional Jokers (where joker only done when you feeling good).