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3/5/1 Routine and Conditioning


currently following 3/5/1 routine and focus on strength. I am also doing conditioning after each lifting session. my question is how to keep relative low bf, such as showing the top 2 or 4 abs? cuz i am also training to increase my leap, so i dont wanna put excessive fat on my body. what kind of conditioning work i have to do? for how long and how often? what about diet? as clean as possible?

Thanks all


1 - It's 5/3/1

2 - Describe "conditioning after each session" in detail please.

3 - Probably get ready to catch flak for the conditioning after each session once you explain what you're doing.

4 - Always eat good. No dieting, this is a permanent lifestyle choice. Do not cut/bulk. Get it together, eat properly every day of your life and you will find plenty of room to squeeze in some junk calories when it sounds good (that doesn't mean donuts every day.)


  1. i do 3/5/1 which is slightly different from the original version, i switched first two weeks workouts.
  2. after each session, i do rowing machine, 30s on, 30s off or, 300m interval. sometimes i do jumping rope for 15 mins. i am planning on doing treadmill push.
  3. i think i may have too much carbs...but without it, i am always hungry


Hadn't read about 3 5 2

Write down exactly what you ate yesterday.

What are your body stats?

What is your training schedule?

Maybe read the beginners forum (not to sound rude.)


I would say that what you're doing should be fine, if you want to increase your jump add plyometrics (either on a separate day from lower body or in the same session). If you are training for sport, obviously other practice is needed - if you are training specifically for sport on a regular basis then conditioning/GPP should be covered by this.

The only thing to watch would be lower back fatigue from rowing, but if you're squatting and deadlifting just once per week you should be ok.
If you want more specific advice you need to post stats (lifts, diet, height, weight, full goal, etc.)

Also realise that fat gain can be avoided without any endurance or fitness type training: eat the correct amount based on previous results, and keep a log so you actually know how much you are consuming (!)