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3/5/1 Programming question


I am thinking to start a new cycle, in order to bring my bench up, I am thinking to replace the OHP with bench. so the new program would be like this
Monday-clean, squat 5/3/1, paused squat 70%TM 5x5, hip thrust 5x10
Tuesday-bench, 5/3/1, joke set, FSL, OHP 80%TM 5X5 CHIN UPS AND ROWS IN BETWEEN
THURSDAY-CLEAN, Deadlift, joke set, front squat 5x5, hip thrust 5x10
Friday-bench, 5/3/1, joke set, OHP 80%TM 5x5, weighed dips 50 reps, rows, chins in between

is it gonna be ok? or i should just stick with the original 5/3/1 program, do bench and ohp 5/3/1 once a week.

thanks for any comments.


Take out the Hip Thrusts. Replace with back raises and hanging leg raises. You should be able to do these like a champ.
Take out the planned Joker sets.
Take out the OHP 80%TM 5X5 (Where did you read that this was to be done AFTER FSL work? NOWHERE.)


Sorry Jim, it was my bad. There was no FSL actually. It was the BBB 5x5 variation. Use OHP 80%TM 5x5 as supplementary for bench.

Is the layout ok? Or should i just do one bench day and one OHP day


Layout is fine except for the hip thrusts, lack of low back/ab work. Remember we only do certain rep schemes for 3-6 weeks. So while this is fine, it needs to be part of a larger program.


Yes, i will replace hip thrust with a lower back exercise.
this program is only going to last for 6 weeks. After deloading, i will do BBB 5x3 variation for another 6 weeks. Then i will see if i need to go back to do 5x10 or keep going to do 5x1 variation.

Also i decide to do one bench day and one OHP day, my weak OHP is the factor to cause my weak bench.

Thanks so much Jim.