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3-4 Week Cycle?

I have 2500mg of home-brew tren and 15 amps of 50mg winstrol . i am looking for suggestions on how to take these. how much clomid do i need and how should i take that? if i cant find clomid, can i use any legal substances that act similar to clomid, like Red Kat? your advice is much appreciated.

Advise you asked for advise you shall recieve…
Give more info about yourself and your goals.
Read more about these and other chemicals and learn how to put together a cycle so we can help you out on anything you missed in it or miss calculated.
If you take none of this advise at least get some test and nolva to ad to this.

a 3 to 4 week cycle of fina and winny?
Ok. 100 mg/ day of tren for 3 weeks. Begin your winny and take 50 mg per day the start of week 1, 1/2 and run it through week 3 1/2. This will give the tren time to leave your system, and since winstrol is much less suppressive than tren, it is a good thing to end with it. You shouldn’t need anything for recover by way of clomid or nolva, since both steroids do not aromatise, and winstrol actually down regulates the ER. Using tribex and clomid post cycle could help though as using clomid by itself is known to increase levels of natural test. This is entirely your decison however. Good luck. P-22