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3-4 Months Progress


Just wanted to make a thread to see wat others think of my progress, good and bad. I'd also like you to have a look at my training and general eating patterns and let me know if you have and comments.

I've really enjoyed and appreisiated all the great information on this site and with this thread I hope to be a bit more involved in this online lifting community.

Background: 2-3 three years training - wasted alot of time with poor programs and not eating enough, no lack of committment or intensity in the gym though.

I've always played team sports although now I only play rugby (off season ATM).
Study fitness and starting an exercise science degree next year.
Goal: Gain 5-10kg (10-20 pounds)of muscle over the next 12 months. I don't mind loosing my abs for a while (while I'm putting on weight) but I don't want to be fat either.

Stats: Weight: 79kg (174) Height: 182cm (5 11) age: 21
Lifts(not including the bar wich is 16kg):
Deadlift 110kg (242.5)x 8 reps. 150kg (330) x 1
Bench press 60kg (132)x 8 reps. 75kg (165)x 1
Squat 80kg (176) x 8. Dont do 1rm for squats


Around 3 or 4 months ago






shitty side chest pose


Taining looks like this:
I do a 5 day rotation at the moment with one or two rest days a week when I think I deed them. If I have to take an extra day off I'll put back and chest together or arms and shoulders.
I warm up with a few light sets on the first exercise for each muscle group. I usually start at 80% of 8rm and work up to as heavy as I can for 8 on the last set.

Deadlifts 4x8 (or cleans 4x5)
pullups 4x8
Db rows 4x8
cable rows 3x8 ( I often superset these with lat pulldown, pretty light not much rest)

Bench press 4x8
incline Db chest press 4x8
Incline smith machine chest press 4x8
pushups or pecdeck 3 sets of watever feels good (light, high rep)

Squats 4x8
Romanian deadlift 4x8 (or front squats)
calf raises 4x20 (10 full, 10 bottom)
walking lunges (or lying leg curl if I did front squats)

Standing overhead press 4x8
smith machine seated overhead press 4x8
rear delt side raise using cable 4x8
DB laterals 4x8

close grip bench press (top half/lockout only) 4x8
ezy bar curls
weighted dips 4x8
alternating db curls 4x8 (per side)
overhead db triceps extension 4x8
reverse cable biceps curls 4x8

I do abs in between sets twice a week


I'm eating 5-6 times a day, with 30 grams of protien each time.
I dont keep a diary and I'm not sure wat my daily calorie intake would be.
I will keep a food log for a week and post it hear if there are people who are able to give me advice.

I am well aware that I need to eat more and put on weight. my appetite is not the best and in the last couple of months I've increased the amound of food I eat significantly but have only put on 2kg (4.4) so I will be increasing again.
Good day looks like this

Breakfast 9am 3-4 eggs (whole scrambled) 2 peices of mutigrain toast
11.30am whey protien shake
2pm large turkey and salad roll
4.30pm two handfulls of almonds, an apple
7.30pm steak and vege
9pm 200g cottage cheese and frozen blueberrys


damn man you have a big chest for only being able to do 165x1


Yeah man I know I'm a bit week on some of those lifts. Max bench is something I'm working on ATM, I'm sure I'll go up 5kg next time I test my max.

As for chest development i think its a bit of genetics. I have long arms so it takes more muscle to move the weight. I've also got good mind muscle connection with my chest, alot of people I see bench with alot of help from their delts and triceps.
Thanks though mate, I'll take it as a compliment!


You definitely look wider and little more muscular in the "after" back pic. But you can't really tell in the other 2 since they're so different. Did you take before and after measurements? Before and after weight?

Yeah, you look like you should be able to bench more than 165 for a max but I got long arms too so I know what you're talking about. I got mine up by increasing the bar speed on the way up.


Thanks mate, yeah I dont really have much clue with the posing. I think I'll get my gf to take the next set of pics.

No before and after measurements, I will take some now for comparison down the track. wat mearsurments do u recomend? arms, chest, waist? wat is the best location to mearsure legs? is there a good way of measuring shoulder growth? I really want to improve my shoulders.

My weight was 77kg when i started up to 79 now.
Thanks for the tip on bar speed on the bench. It has helped me in the past, I might employ it again. 3-4 sets of 70% 1rm for 4-6 fast reps is wat i was doing last time and regular chest workout another day of the week.
Thanks again


Back in July I set on a goal to lose 25 lbs and only wanted to lose fat. So what I measured was biceps, chest, and waist. I wanted to make sure the only place I lost inches was the waist. To be honest, I'm not really sure how to measure shoulders or thighs. Maybe someone else can help us out because I'd like to get my shoulders up to par as well.


How did you go with the fat loss?
Yeah, just drop by and bump this thread every now and then, someone will find it and give us an answer sooner or later. Or you could google it.

I think there are just too many threads like this one for many people to bother commenting.


It was a success. Bench went up from 205 to 245 and I lost almost only fat. I'm looking to add muscle now for the 1st months.

As you said, everyone has one of these threads. I am no exception LOL



Congrats man, I got to get my bench up, I'd love an extra 40 pounds. I'm pretty certain I'll get 80kg next max session.
I think I need a bit more frequency for squats and bench to get the weight going up a bit faster. I only do them about once a week now.
Maybe one heavy day and one lighter day focusing on speed. wat do you think?


I've never tried alternating between heavy and light. But what I have been doing is if I have energy after hitting a 1RM or 3RM on a workout, I drop the weight down to 135 and do as many fast reps as I can. I think it's helped.


I often do a lighter set with a bit faster tempo after my heavy sets. I am not particularly focusing on speed at that point thought but fatiguing the mucles and icreasing blood flow.
I think to really improve my power/lift speed I need to train for it while fresh.
I'll let you know how it goes.


I took measurements on monday.
All of them where taken relaxed and cold.

Chest 99cm-39 inch

waist 82.5cm-32.5 inch

Arm R 33cm-13 inch
L 32cm-12.6 inch

Leg: Just above knee 41.5cm-16.3 inch
Thigh 56.5-22.2 inch
(both legs the same)

Neck 40cm-15.7 inch

Hips 105.5cm-41.5 inch

Calf R 38.5cm-15.2
L 38cm-15


I got restless and tested my max on the bench today, got 80kg (176) which I'm happy about, good to get up to 2 plates a side.

I know this is still pretty weak (if you add the bar its 212) but I'm happy to be progressing. Next target 100kg.


Good job man. Just keep adding those plates on.