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3-4 Day Olympic Lifting Template?

Hey all,

I’ve been a big Bill Starr 5x5 fan, even doing it for years. However, I’m liking to change it up. Does anyone have a temperate (Excel spreadsheet?) for a program they like running?

Day 1
snatch pull
jerk from rack

Day 2
clean pull
power jerk
front squat

Day 3
push press

Day 4
power snatch
power clean

Rep schemes for the classic lifts range from triples to singles as the competition approaches. Back squats from 8s to singles, Front squats from triples to singles.
Sets range from 4-6 to 10-15 as the competition approaches and loads from 70-80% to 90-100%.

Thanks! Is this based off a program I can find online? Was hoping to read more about it if it was :grin:

Nope. It’s a basic program I wrote off the top of my head.

Thanks! Last 2 questions, nothing for chest? And how many weeks would you run this?

Weightlifters do not train body parts, that is for bodybuilders. The complete focus is on increasing the classic lifts.

There are some weightlifters, not most, who found bench presses helped their jerks by increasing overhead stability and providing for a more sturdier platform for the bar when across the shoulders after the clean. Personally, I did not train the bench, in fact could probably snatch more than I could bench press.

Depends on the level of the lifter, but lets say twelve. Start with fewer sets, higher reps, lighter weights and move towards more sets, low reps, heavier weights.