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3/27 Powerful Image


Is the ass crack really necessary?

Other than that, impressive as hell..


Ya, how 'bout it!

Just what I want to see when I first open the website.


What's the little "ball" shape between the traps at the bottom of the neck?


Spinous process of C7 vertebra


My lifting partner has a larger lump at that spot; he also has a very thick back and dense traps, but I don't think there's a connection. He calls it his "callous." I think it's a lipoma; basically a fatty deposit.

(Or evidence of alien tampering. But...not very likely.)

Personally, I noticed the tops of pretty powerful-looking glutes; not much of an ass crack. The rest of the picture kind of takes my attention away from the ass.


Nice pic.....Thanks TC!


I used to have a huge lump like that at the top of my back when I was doing a lot of high-bar squats.

I have no idea what it was. It was far too large to be a lipoma, and it really seemed (and felt) like the tissue had actually just thickened up underneath the skin as a response to bar--sort of like an internal "callus".

I've seen it in about a dozen lifters through the years.

Mine went gradually away as I started positioning the bar lower on my back.


This pic keeps the gay members of T-Nation happy. They need some love too.


Yeah, my teammate/roomate at college would get the same lump after heavy squatting.

He was always afraid the football strength coaches would see it, being that we were prohibited to squat...


I can't imagine living without mine.


Something tells me yours wouldn't cause a problem here.


You know, I could have cropped out the ass crack, but given the size limitations I have for the Powerful Image, the picture would have been very tiny.

I didn't worry about it too much, though, because I figured you guys could live with it for a day or two.

It is, after all, a cool picture.


That lump might just be his spine guys, I have mine poke out too, even though my traps are one of my most developed body parts.

And the asscrack's no big deal, it's glutes guys, they're a muscle too.


It looks like his crack starts as his neck. If they cropped it the whole picture would go away.


Now, thats why you're here, surely!


Indeed it is, but now the next powerful image has to be some hot (preferably ass crack showing) female.


I'm just a lesbian trapped in a mans body.




LOL! I take it you like?


I'm a little late, but damn that's a cool pic. And you just know that ass is very round and firm under those shorts. He has an impressive "V" taper, too.