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3/2/1 Wave Loading Question

I’m somewhat confused about the difference between traditional 3/2/1 wave loading, i.e
85% x3
88% x2
90% x1
88% x3
90% x2
92% x1

and the wave ladder loading, i.e
85% x1
85% x2
85% x3
88% x1
88% x2
88% x3

What are the pros and cons between the two? Is one superior to the other?
I want to incorporate the 3/2/1 wave loading to the final 3 weeks of my program as “peaking method” to test new PR on the big three, but I’m unsure which method to use.

on 2013 article Thib mentions wave ladder to be his preferred method of the two, but on the 2018 wave loading guide, there is no mention about the ladder style of loading. This got me confused if the ladder method is no longer considered viable method compared to the traditional.

Question 2.
can wave loading be used on x3 week frequency on the big three lifts, or is the constant loading around 90% too much for body to handle, would it be better to have two moderate intensity workouts and only one heavier workout with 3/2/1 for each lift?

I hope you guys can help me with this. <3