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3-1 Performance/Hypertrophy Structure - Hypertrophy Specialization

Hi CT,
I follow your 3-1 Performance/Hypertrophy structure as motivation wise, works perfectly for me so its a template I’m going to stick too long term. Currently ‘Built for Battle’ for Performance & Arm Specialization for Hypertrophy (Structure to help accomplish the physique I visualize building).

  1. So on that, is using Arm Specialization continually for the hypertrophy weeks ok to do? I’ve just completed my 3rd hypertrophy week (12 week block), now taking a week off training completely.

  2. Would it be fine to continue this Arm Specialization structure for another 12 week Performance/Hypertrophy block & beyond, or is it to much for the arms? Be better to go back to more evenly spread body part hypertrophy split.

*BTW- During Performance/‘Built for Battle’ weeks, train arms 1x a week (1 direct triceps & 1-2 direct biceps/brachialis/brachioradialis) on the Friday as recommended in the ‘Assistance Circuit’. To help maintain the adaption & motor skill to contract biceps/triceps muscles properly.

Happy NY’s & thanks for the help,
Mike P

Is it the thing to do? Well that depends on what you mean.

If you ask if it will work, yes it will.

You have 3 weeks between each week of arm specialization, provided that you don’t do too much direct arm work during the 3 performance weeks the biceps and triceps should stay responsive to the specialized training.

I would still recommend using different methods or exercises with each specialization block (you can come back to the original methods/exercises after 3-4 specialization weeks.

If you mean to ask if it is optimal, well that depends on your goal. If you are satisfied with the growth rate of the rest of your body, that is perfectly fine. If you want develop other muscles, you might need to rotate the specialization.

As I explained, provided that the performance weeks do not have much direct arm work, it is fine to keep the spec work for arms over the long term. It’s only 1/4th of the time.

Hi CT,
Ok thanks for clearing up.

In terms of continually changing methods between each specialization weeks, I’ve been following your outline progression form Jacked 31:
Week 1: 3 Working Sets
Last set = To failure (8-12 reps)
Week 2: 3 Working Sets
Last set = To failure (8-12 reps) + rest/pause
Week 3: 3 Working Sets
Last set = To failure (8-12 reps) + rest/pause + drop 50%

  1. Is this progression right to follow, or would you suggest something different? Would substituted higher reps 20-30 sets be beneficial to drive blood into arms on say the last exercises?

  2. What would you recommend direct arm training wise during the performance weeks, as mention, I’ve been doing 1x a week, 1 direct triceps & 1-2 direct biceps isolation exercises on the Friday assistance circuit? Or none at all? Say if one of my performance exercises was the neutral or EZ grip pull up, make a difference whether to include or not?

  3. Would you suggest this is a good way to bring up muscle weaknesses? For me, I spent years focusing on posterior chain & legs (athlete related) while doing minimal to none direct arm work. Along with a dominant chest, I have built a strong legs, upper back/traps & chest body (which all seem to blow up continually on the performance weeks), while arms are severely lacking due to my long arms. So I am at a stage now where I want to correct this weakness which I feel will not only even out my body (my goal look), but as a bonus will also help with increasing my upper body pressing movements (having long arms it is a battle). As you have said, ‘your body has a limited capacity to handle training stress, so invest more training money on muscles that you want to develop the most in order to get the look you want’.

Thanks again for the help,
Mike P