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3 1/2 Weeks Into Cycle


AHHHHHHHHH MANNNNNNNNNNNn.. Lemme tell ya'll something something.. I'm currently running a gram of test a week along with 600mg of EQ, 1mg femara, 100mcg T3, and 400mg of Masteron and I feel like a zillion dollars.. It feels like I have an I.V. of cialis running into my body at all times, my pumps are unbelievable, I mean I get a serious pump in my delts when I brush teeth! I'm leaning out like crazy, no water retention whatsoever, this is by farrrrrrrr the best cycle I have ever been on..

I am currently training twice a day 5 days a week.. My morning training consists of a Fat to Fire structured protocol and my evening program consists of either abs, forearms, or calves and 30 minutes of interval cardio..

I'm eating around 4000 calories a day 375 grams of protein 375 grams of carbs and 111 grams of fat (30 grams of fat coming from Udo's Choice Oil)..

I have finally put everything together and I am ready, for the first time in my life, to drop into the single digit bodyfat zone..

I am currently 6' 257 at about 13% bodyfat. When I started this cycle I was 253 at 16% bodyfat.. It's truly amazing.

After week 8 I'm dropping the test down to 500mg/wk, adding 350mg Tren Ace and 50mg proviron/day. I have 100 tabs of 25mg dbol as well and I'm thinking about throwing in 50mgdbol/day as well..

I've got such a phenomenol source now that I am just trying all sorts of combinations of anabolics.. I feel like a walking chemistry experiment.. :slightly_smiling:

Anyone else ever tried a similar cycle?



congrats and i'm sorry that this isnt a response specific to your question. i just have to ask b/c of all these drugs and your mention of a phenomenal source...how do you find such a great source?! i'm not asking for details specific to your case, just general tips. i've been trying for a while and so far unsuccessfully, to find a source. i was going to try mail ordering from mexico, but thats a risk i'm not willing to take at this point in my life. any advice you or anyone else can give me would be much appriciated.


Sounds awesome man! How long are you going to run your cycle?
I've never had that amount coursing through me at one time, but it's inspiring to hear a story like that.
Kepp up the good work!


Right now I'm running 100mg test prop and 50mg masteron ed.

Been on it for about 2 weeks, and I certainly have no complaints.


I'll be running it for a total of 16 weeks. Any vets ever ran a cycle this long? Did you do anything different for PCT?

I'm going to go with 200mg clomid/d for 1 week 100mg clomid/d for 2 weeks and 50mg clomid/d for 2 weeks along with 500 ius HCG every 4th day for 3 continuous weeks, 1mg femara throughout PCT, and Alpha Male.



I've heard that HCG if more benefical in reversing/preventing atrophy if used during the cycle and can actually inhibit recovery if used in PCT. Ive never done a cycle hardcore enough to need it so hopefully someone with more experience will shed some light on the issue.


Are you taking the 1mg of femara everyday, or every other day?

Congrats on the cyc!


I second this.
why are you gonna take your HCG post cycle since it interferes with HPTA recovery?
might be a better idea to take it mid cycle. Personally, I would not take it at all, for reasons that have already been discussed in numerous other threads.
Fantastic progress though, especially since your only 3.5 weeks into the cycle. By the end of it you'll be a beast!



My balls have shrunk from previous cycles and I was hoping that I would be able to get them babies back to normal with some HCG.. I'll be taking Femara all the way through PCT and thus the HCG should not negatively affect my PCT because I will have little, if any aromatization going on..

The gram of test is REALLY kicking in now, my sex drive is insane.. Also, I don't know if it's the T3 or the EQ but dammmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn I am always hungry as hell..



1mg every single day.. Me no likee estrogen..