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3 1/2 Weeks In Test E Cycle. Can I Quit Now or Am I Shut Down?

I am having slight high blood pressure and I can feel some heart flutters or arrhythmia. I’m thinking about throwing in the towel.

I have been on Test E 400-500mg week. 2 shots. 20mg Anavar pre workout. .25 armidex 2x/week. Last T shot was Thursday

Blood pressure was 141/78. Then I felt some anxiety and checked it again it was 153/84.

I was considering lowering the Test E to 200mg/wk and adding masteron for cutting. I’d hate to see 700$ worth of gear go down the drain… but health first

As someone who fights his blood pressure, I can say that anxiety about blood pressure will increase mine. I have to do a yearly “health check” for work, and if you fail they jack your insurance rates up. I usually have to ask the provider to do the BP test last. Last time they took it, it was high, they let me sit in a dark room for 10 minutes and relax, and then came back and it was normal. I also take Carderine every day, and I do cardio 5x a week. Caffeine, no cardio, lots of sodium, anxiety, high E2, high hematocrit, all of these can increase BP. You’re on .25 adex 2x a week for 500mg test, I need .25 adex 2x a week on 160mg TRT to keep E2 in range.

I’d say get bloodwork done to check that E2 and HCT are in range, add in 30min of LISS cardio at least 3x per week if you aren’t already, and look at Carderine for BP. If those don’t lower your BP, you could either acquire some prescription BP meds or drop the cycle.

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Thanks for the thorough reply. I neglected Cardio for most of my life past sports in high school. I am going to start grinding out 30 minutes a day especially since I am cutting. Also I will get my blood work done. Cheers

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I’d second the suggestion to add cardio, not for the calorie burn, but for the heart health while on AAS. And if you’re cutting, even better


Make sure it’s LISS cardio. That’s universally good for things like BP, libido, and basically everything else you can think of. Zero downside.


I second @46and2 I get anxiety about BP and it will always increase it.

Is this your first cycle? I know with mine any sort of change in how I felt would start the anxiety and in turn increase BP, it was a vicious circle. Just relax man, get some bloods done so you can see for yourself everything is okay and put your mind at ease.

What is the all hasle with Blood pressure all around…i know bunch of guys who have been years with +170/+90 and they are not dead. I hate checking blood pressure, it makes me nervous and the result is way higher, like if i go to doctor and take bloodpressure, First can show 170/100 i say take it 3 times, and the last usually show something like 130-145/75-85.

If my bloodpressure goes up when taking this and that, i take propranolol extra dose, no problem. have been on propranolol for 8 years. only 20-40mg day, but not for blood pressure issued.

People seem to freak out totaly if Bp is like 150/90… ask a cardio special and he will say no problem at all.